Despite the sheer breadth of available apps out there to help companies and managers better manage their teams, project management is still a difficult task, and all of these “solutions” can end up misguiding the people involved. However, among the rubble of useless apps, there are a few shining jewels which can make it easier for teams to collaborate online and off, store and share documents with other team members, organize tasks and delegate responsibilities, and track work time.

Included in this group of ingenious tools is Due, whose invoicing and hourly tracking system can help users monitor not just their project hours, but also their efficiency and profitability through productivity reports. The invoicing tool helps even the most remote collaborator get paid, and these reports can help managers isolate holes in productivity and improve individual time management and delegation.

For a look at the full list of best project management tools, check out the article on UKLinkology.


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