Entrepreneur published an excerpt from its book, “Finance Your Business,” which is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes and features quotes from Due Co-Founder and CTO Chalmers Brown on launching a crowdfunding campaign. His advice focused on a way to monetize the pain point that your business idea has identified. As Chalmers noted, “You need to be able to convey the value of the product if you want them to support your crowdfunding project,” says Chalmers Brown, a serial entrepreneur and the cofounder of Due, an online invoicing platform. “If they don’t believe it will work, they won’t back it.” The excerpt released on Entrepreneur’s site also includes other advice from that crowdfunding chapter to create the most successful campaigns possible in order to get funded. You can read the original article here.

There’s a lot involved in making a crowdfunding campaign a real success. Check out this blog post on Due that offers even more advice on how to create the most compelling crowdfunding campaign possible.


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