Money is one of the most sensitive topics in a relationship because people tend to feel so strongly about how it should be spent and shared. That’s why it is important to not rush into having a joint bank account. Instead, first consider some things that can determine when and if it is the right time to combine finances.  The four things to consider include determining your financial situation, if you will have joint and separate accounts, who will manage the joint account and what are the rules, and how problems will be handled along the way. Due Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton shared his own advice based on his personal situation to illustrate some of the points. For example, he noted, “My wife and I set a limit each week on how much ‘spending’ money we each have for things we like to get ourselves. Giving each other an allowance means we cut out arguments on what we spend that money on.” You can read the original article here.

To start 2017 off right in terms of financial decisions, consider these money hacks for the New Year.