Due.com Founder and CEO Murray Newlands authored an article for Fast Company on the struggle that entrepreneurs can have with critical thinking. This valuable skill is critical to stopping an entrepreneur from pursuing every idea that they might have because it gets them to stop and assess the idea on a more realistic basis, potentially stopping them from getting into a dead-end business.

However, because entrepreneurs leverage a fluid process for what they are doing in business and act fast, this can make critical thinking quite challenging for an entrepreneur who is not willing to slow down and realize the benefit of this measured analytical tool. There is also a need to balance the creative forces many entrepreneurs have with critical thinking and the perspectives of others on the startup team. In finding a place for all these thinking skills, an entrepreneur can excel beyond their wildest dreams. You can read the original article here.

For more entrepreneurial tips on succeeding in business, check out this Due.com blog post on ways to stay productive as a entrepreneur. While you may be always working, are you making the most of that time?



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