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Positive Morning Habits to Adopt in 2018

Posted on January 9th, 2018
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Feeling positive makes you feel motivated to take on anything the day brings your way. The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to adopt some positive morning habits. Here are ways to bring positivity to your morning routine so you can conquer your days in 2018:

Stop Checking Social Media a Few Hours Before Bed

Your morning routine starts the night before. Try to cut down on your screen time in the evening. Give yourself time to clear your head before dozing off.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Abundance attracts abundance. Positivity attracts more positivity. We all have things to be thankful for. Our health, family, friends, and a roof over our head are just a few things we should appreciate.

Write down things you’re grateful for in your life and business each evening or in the morning. You can even trade social media time for journal time right before bed.

Add Designated Times to Check Email 

Each morning, I write a to-do list. Usually, I put the tasks that will take me the longest at the very top of the list. I purposely don’t check email first thing in the morning to avoid derailing my day.

When you check email first, you can get lost down the rabbit hole of other people’s request before you get anything done including pressing items. Schedule in a few 20- to 30-minute time slots each day where you check in. 

People will adjust to your response frequency. This will help you be productive and protect your sanity. There’s nothing like getting a “not-so-great” email in the morning to mess up the entire day.

Work to Productivity Music or Listen to Something Uplifting

YouTube has a treasure trove of playlists for productivity. Type in “productivity music” into the YouTube search engine and you’ll find a goldmine of slow and high tempo playlists that you can use when getting work done. 

Another option is putting on a podcast or audiobook that lifts your spirits in the morning. I’m always inspired by the entrepreneur stories on the How I Built This podcast.

Don’t Start Off Your Morning with the News

Avoid starting mornings off with the news if you’re someone who internalizes it and lets it negatively impact your day. Don’t worry about missing out on anything. People will bring up in conversation any emergencies that require your immediate attention. There’s no need to obsess over your social media feed waiting anxiously for the next piece of news to break. Again, I’ve found that if I check social media first thing in the morning, I’m glued to social media throughout the day. 

Instead, be intentional about where you’re spending your time. Try meditating or reading positive and motivational books in the morning. There are even productivity website blockers you can download to your browser to keep you away from certain sites while you’re working. Automate social media for your business to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on each platform. 

Final Word

Starting off your day with positive vibes makes a difference. Come up with a daily schedule that includes mindfulness so you can make the most of your days.

Taylor Gordon

Taylor Gordon

Taylor K. Gordon is a personal finance writer and founder of Tay Talks Money, a personal finance and productivity blog on hacking your way to a happier savings account. Taylor has contributed to MagnifyMoney, The Huffington Post, GoGirl Finance, Madame Noire, and The Write Life.

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