Investing in your business is important if you want it to grow. While being profitable should be one of your main priorities, most business owners experience more long-term steady success after they’ve put more money back into their businesses. That being said, it’s common to overlook the fact that you also need to invest in yourself […]

Are you wondering why you can’t land new clients even after feeling like you’ve tried everything? If you’re a coach, consultant, or work in a similar field, finding the right clients can make or break your business. If you feel you have all the knowledge, experience, tools, and resources that will truly benefit others, that won’t […]

True Cost of an Invoice

There’s more to invoicing than just asking a client for money for the services or products you provided. It’s one of the best ways to keep your business growing. And the only way to do that is by avoiding misleading invoices.That may not seem like a biggie. But, invoicing accuracy is in fact a very […]

working from home

Working freelance is a liberating and rewarding experience. That’s because of the perks like having the ability to work where and when we want. However, freelancers also struggle with motivation throughout their careers. Unlike a traditional job, they don’t have to be at work at a certain time. They can take breaks whenever they want. And, […]

increase sales performance

In today’s world, change is constant in life and business. How you and your sales team manage this flux will determine your bottom line — regardless of whether the change involves emphasizing a new product lineup, introducing new services, or adjusting your mix of customers. Most companies adhere to an “X-to-Y” change model when implementing […]

work ethics with millennials

You may want to start a business or grow your existing business but don’t have the capacity to work additional hours. The great news is that you don’t need to work 40+ hours per week to earn a sustainable full-time income. I’ve been working from home for almost 3 years and have always been able […]

paying by echeck online

I remember when I started freelancing PayPal was essentially the go-to payment method. It’s easy to understand why. It was free, easy-to-use, and overall was a painless experience. That’s not to say that there weren’t any flaws. PayPal comes with some transaction fees. And, there have been some cases where the company has frozen accounts. While I’m […]

marketing inspiration

I’m fascinated by successful people who never gave-up. Whether if it’s Bill Gates overcoming failure, Richard Branson conquering dyslexia, or J.K. Rowling never giving-up despite rejection, these stories keep me going when I need a motivational boost. However, I’ve been paying extra attention to these three extraordinary individuals as of late. With no disrespect to anyone […]

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