Since its inception, debates have raged on whether Bitcoin truly is the next big thing or if it will fade or die in the coming year or so due to ongoing issues with its use, application, and security. Within its technical framework, developers and researchers have watched Bitcoin’s evolution and still are unsure of its […]

If you’re busy like me and the rest of the world, right now you’re thinking, I don’t even have time for my clients… How will I possibly have time to listen to hour-long podcasts? I get it. But the most successful freelancers know two things: There’s 1440 minutes in a day. How to capitalize on […]

A big part of running a freelance business is the ability to juggle building your own brand with client work. I’m not going to lie, it’s a lot of work to manage your own company brand while keeping up with clients. You constantly have to be creating high-quality content for yourself and your audience. After […]

Generate Business While Skipping Networking Events

Sometimes getting new business can be a lot of work. Attending area networking events or flying to conferences can be time-consuming and even costly. Don’t get discouraged though, you can actually generate business without going anywhere using the ideas below. 1. Work with someone whose services compliments yours. As a freelancer or small business owner, you […]

It’s that time of year when people in the U.S. are scurrying to get their taxes done. If you’re a first-time freelancer, it’s likely that you’re just starting to learn about all the tax deductions available to you. Some tax deductions are pretty obvious, like business expenses. Other’s aren’t as obvious, like car mileage. Here […]

One of the best things you can do for your business is to network. Networking allows you to make new connections that can help you with your business or your career. Even if you’re an introvert, you need to network. There are benefits to networking, including increasing your credibility, finding new partners, and establishing yourself […]

Unfortunately, not all clients/customers are worth your time. Should you accept a deal with this person, your time will be wasted, your patience tested and your service undervalued. It’s best to avoid these time wasting clients at all costs. In order to do this most effectively, the problem should be nipped in the bud. The following […]

Sidechains are private or public networks that may or may not be based on the Bitcoin protocol. According to a recent technical paper on this aspect of cryptocurrency, these sidechains have the potential to revolutionize this new system. As a Cryptocoin News article recently explained, “A sidechain can carry Bitcoin as currency, in which case users […]

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