The look and feel of credit cards is evolving with the introduction of EMV card technology. After the recent large-scale hacking incidents with online and offline retailers as well as the need to address other potential fraud, credit card companies have turned to a new type of technology to reassure consumers and businesses. Since you […]

Did you know that bitcoin uses a scripting system internally to create transactions? If so, then consider the next couple of sentences a review. For those who aren’t familiar with bitcoin scripting, it’s a simple programming language that is stack-based and processed from left to right. This means that each data, input or output is […]

Just recently I went to my first ever CollabMiami meetup. It’s a new meetup in town where the independent professionals in the area get together on a Friday morning each month. The tagline is “Freelancers don’t let freelancers work alone.” I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see these things popping up. When I […]

In my last post regarding tips to better organize your business finances, I mentioned the importance of funneling all of the money you make into one bank account to keep better track of your money. Now I’ll explain 3 important tax-related tips to stay on top of your business finances. 1. Keep taxes in mind […]

Just the other day, my adorable kid neighbors across the street put out a lemonade stand. I thought it was cute, but another part of me wondered how I could improve upon the lemonade stand idea when it came to my own kids. After all, the lemonade stand has been done many, many times before when […]

As a freelancer there’s a good chance that you work from home, spend a lot of time alone and generally don’t have a lot of human interaction. It can be really isolating to constantly be working independently and before long you start to miss having coworkers. This was actually me for two and a half […]

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