productivity ideas

Daily stress levels have risen significantly in the U.S. in recent years. With greater pressure to achieve, more noise from technology and a changing culture, many have called this the “lowest point” they can remember. While it can be difficult to break stress-inducing habits once they’re formed, if you feel overwhelmed by all that’s coming […]

remote work

There are some people who say that multitasking is never a good idea. They advocate against talking on the phone while driving, watching TV during meals or texting throughout the workday. They have a rationale behind their claims: When we multitask, we’re only able to focus part of our attention and energy on each task. […]

lending business

Starting a new business can be such an important milestone. As soon as the shock factor wears off (or even during it), you’ll be faced with the task of determining where you’ll get customers and how you’ll make money. If you have loans to pay back or profit goals, this may put even add more […]

global payment tools

Following the financial crisis of 2007-2008, there are wide-range regulations put in place. The idea was to hopefully prevent such a disastrous situation from happening again. While there are good intentions with these regulations, they can also be a severe headache for business owners. This is especially true when it comes to accepting payments. For example, […]

Identifying and training future leaders has become a priority for all companies of all sizes. In fact, Deloitte states that “89 percent of companies see leadership as an important or very important issue.” No wonder companies in the United States alone spend more than $14 billion each year on leadership development. To be a leader, then, requires […]

money habits

What do the ultra-successful billionaire’s have in common? Billions of dollars? Motivation? Accomplishments? Influence? Sure. But, they also have weekend habits that have not only made them wealthy, but have maintained that wealth. Want to know what these habits are? Then keep on reading. This will inspire you to start getting the most out of your […]

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