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Recurring invoices offer a convenient way to ensure invoices to clients where the same amount repeats each month can just be sent automatically rather than manually. From your Due account, you can manage the entire recurring invoice system. This tutorial covers the various tasks you’ll likely need to know to oversee this automated invoice process. […]

paying by checking

If you run a business where you are the sole employee, you still have to treat your business finances like a business. That means keeping good financial records and tracking payments you make to yourself from the business. Whether you use a payroll service or enter an online transfer from your business bank account to […]

Starting a business is very en vogue right now. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur and work for themselves. And as someone doing that very thing, I can say that it is great in many ways! It’s also the most demanding, stressful, and hardest thing I’ve ever done. Businesses are not destined to always succeed. […]

infographic US banks

Your bank account routing and account numbers might not seem very significant, but they act as an important gateway for cash going into and out of your bank account. Freelancers and other small business owners may find keeping your routing and account numbers handy is a good idea, as you’ll need them somewhat frequently when […]

remote work

Summer is nearly over, and my favorite time of year is right around the corner. The warm months can be a bit slower for business with vacations and holidays. The fall months are when I double down on what’s working and make a final sprint to the finish line for the year. Here are a […]

Having your own business is not without risks. First of all, you are risking your own, or someone else’s, startup capital. And if the business should go under, much, if not all, of that initial investment would be gone. But of course, there are also other risks to consider. For example, what would happen if […]

cash only

Everyone wants to avoid ATM fees. Sometimes going to an ATM can feel like highway robbery! Between fees charged by your bank and fees charged by the ATM owner, you could find yourself paying $6 or more just to get cash from your own bank account. If you ask me, that is something you should […]

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