Owned Media and Your Marketing Strategy

One of the best ways to raise your visibility is look for ways to gain media coverage. However, getting that media coverage is often easier said than done. There’s a lot that goes into a marketing strategy that involves the media.

One way to improve your chances of being seen is to make sure that you have some owned media that can provide insight about your company.

Earned Media vs. Owned Media

When creating your marketing strategy, it’s important to understand the difference between earned media and owned media. The way you manage your campaign depends on working on both of these types of media.

Earned media represents the type of coverage you get from outlets owned by other people. These are TV appearances, podcast recordings, newspaper and magazine coverage, and online coverage from others.

It takes a lot of work to receive a large amount of earned media coverage. You need to get out there and present your story as actual news, and you also need make sure you position yourself as a thought leader. Getting earned media also requires a great deal of effort as you pitch yourself, present yourself as an expert, and follow up.

Owned media, on the other hand, is media that you own. At the most basic level, owned media can be your company blog. You have the chance to better control your message, and you don’t have to worry about whether you are getting coverage from an outside source.

If you own your website, you can add different types of content, including audio and video.

You do need to understand, though, that owned media doesn’t include most social media. You don’t actually own social media websites. Your Facebook page could be shut down or your Twitter account suspended. While these are outlets for your marketing strategy, you can’t assume that they will always be there and perform the way you want. Only outlets you truly own are under your control.

Using Owned Media in Your Market Strategy

You still need to use earned media to boost your company. However, you should also use owned media as part of your marketing strategy because it gives you a chance to provide context and insight for your own story. Media  types and consumers alike can visit your site for information. Additionally, you can use other strategies to promote your content in a way that you can’t guarantee when you rely entirely on earned media.

It can be a little more expensive to work with owned media, however. This is due to the fact that you might have to pay for dedicated servers for your company site, instead of relying on what others own. However, when you have your own servers, you know you have enough room and ability for various types of content, including video and audio, and plenty of images if they are needed.

As you put together your marketing strategy, remember to consider your owned media. What does your website look like? What do you include? And does your website itself offer good information and content that can lead to more earned media mentions?