It’s Easy to Say You Don’t Care About Money… – Ransom Riggs

“It’s easy to say you don’t care about money when you have plenty of it.”

– Ransom Riggs

The problem with being on the other side of the income gap is that it’s hard to be convinced that there are fundamental flaws with the financial system. It’s hard, if you’re from a certain, widely acceptable racial background, to get a sense of how frustrating, taxing, and downright heartbreaking it is for other people to just live in a country that is designed to oppress them on every level. If you’re a male, you have to actively think about and accept the reality of how women are disadvantaged, even if you have not directly or maliciously contributed to their plight. It is easy to not think about gender inequality when you’re of the benefiting gender, it’s easy to ignore the need for diversity and for social reform when you are of the ruling class, and it’s easy to not care about money when you have plenty of it. You need to check your privilege routinely, and always with an open eye.