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Invoicing, although very necessary for the majority of businesses in order to get paid, is one of a business owner’s least favorite activities. Why? It’s time-consuming and takes them away from other tasks. You’d rather be focusing on ways to make money or even marketing your business to increase revenue. Changing invoicing seemed impossible.

Until now, online invoicing was a labor-intensive task. It involved a lot of manual activity as well as a high cost in the form of paper, ink, envelopes, and postage. Too much time was often spent on trying to figure out how much time to bill. Add other people like freelancers on the team who also contributed their time and it becomes an even more complicated process.

You might also have to gather all types of expenses to tack onto the invoice. Now, multiply that by however many clients to bill on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. After all of that, you would have to put the invoice in the mail. Then, you would wait for the recipient to open it and pay it.

The process used to take at least a week and sometimes even longer. This was especially true each client had not immediately decided to pay it. In fact, some freelancers have lamented about waiting over 30 days for payment.

Thanks to Due, changing invoicing is possible. You can make that invoicing process a thing of the past. Now, you can move onto a solution that reduces the time and costs. Plus, it raises your cash flow.

Here’s how the online invoicing company business is disrupting the invoice process:


It is a completely online invoicing system that integrates with other tools. These tools include a time tracker, quote and estimate tool, and project management systems like Basecamp. It also works with payments solutions like PayPal and Stripe, which speeds up the invoicing process.


The ability to customize your invoice with your brand, including logo, and add features to the free templates that makes it look for professional and readable.

Global Ready

The option to expand on a global basis by being able to invoice in multiple languages, currencies, and taxation systems.


It’s cloud-based platform allows you to invoice from anywhere.


Automation features like auto-fill on certain aspects of estimates, quotes, and invoices as well as automated recurring billing and automated notifications for past due reminders and payment acknowledgements.


The convenience of being able to receive invoices and pay them via email from any type of computer or device, including smartphones and tablets, which has been proven to speed up payments and increase cash flow.


The cost savings of foregoing the need for paper, ink cartridges, envelopes and stamps as well as the time savings of having to compile all those components and deliver the invoices to the post office or mail box.


The value of working with other features Due offers, including credit and debit card processing, ACH and eChecks, and a digital wallet feature that helps you attract more clients who would prefer to pay or use these other online and mobile-enabled payment options.

Free or Low-cost

Even better is the fact that Due’s online invoicing solution has a free version that provides access to the majority of its features or other low-cost monthly options that give you full access to this game-changing invoicing process.


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