One of the biggest issues that a freelance writer faces is writer’s block. Sometimes it’s hard to focus, or we just can’t think of anything to write.

We all have different ways to overcome writer’s block. If you have been experiencing writer’s block, it’s important to figure out your own process to overcoming it, and do what you can to maintain productivity and keep your work high quality.

Does Pushing Through Really Help You Overcome Writer’s Block?

One of the most common pieces of advice on overcoming writer’s block is to just push through. Stephen King is famous for saying that professional writers get to work instead of waiting for inspiration. However, sometimes just pushing through doesn’t lead to the best results.

I know that when I’m extremely tired, or I can’t concentrate, and I just try to push through, the quality of my work suffers. That’s an issue that we all need to confront. Unfortunately, being on deadline can ratchet up the anxiety and make it worse. Sometimes you do need to push through. But if you have a little time, there are other ways to overcome writer’s block.

Tips to Help You Overcome Writer’s Block

One of the best things you can do with writer’s block is step away for a little while. If you have the time, and it works with your individual productivity style, take a break. Some of the things you can do with your break include:

  • Do something creative: You can boost your creativity through other means. Sometimes, I like to play the piano for a few minutes, or practice the guitar, or even just sit and color. Engaging in a different type of creativty can relax and open your mind, and that can transfer to your writing.
  • Exercise: Interestingly, exercise can help you overcome writer’s block. It gets the blood moving, and it helps wake up your brain. I always feel better after exercise. Sometimes, all I need to do is get up, do a little yoga, and feel re-energized to move forward.
  • Get outside: Take a deep breath, walk outside, and feel energized and clear your head.
  • Go someplace else: Sometimes I find that just moving from one room to another in my home, or heading to the coffee shop to work, and provide a little extra help. Sometimes writer’s block comes because you are stuck in a rut. Changing things up a little bit can help you out of your own funk.
  • Move to a different project: Just because you are experiencing writer’s block on one project doesn’t mean that you will have it elsewhere. You don’t have to lose productivity; switch to a different project for a while and when you come back, you might be unblocked.
  • Eat something: If you haven’t eaten for some time, you might be distracted. Choose a healthy snack to satisfy your hunger, and boost your brain power. Healthy food can help you overcome writer’s block.

Everyone operates differently, so figure out which strategies work for you. The quicker you can get through writer’s block, the better off you’ll be as a freelance writer.


I'm Miranda and I'm a freelance financial journalist and money expert. My specialties are investing, small business/entrepreneurship and personal finance. The journey to business success and financial freedom is best undertaken with fellow travelers.

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