How Do You Help Your Employees Succeed in Business and Life?

Updated on August 28th, 2018
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When you start building a business, you probably aren’t thinking about how to help your employees succeed in their careers. However, that’s something you should think about.

You might be surprised to discover that a focus on employees can go a long way toward helping your company’s bottom line.

Why You Should Help Your Employees Succeed

Helping your employees succeed can actually benefit you. First of all, providing career and professional development can lead to more competent employees. You can feel more comfortable about promoting from within when you focus on mentorship and development.

Not only that, but you can help your employees feel valued and motivated. Build trust with your employees, and they will be happier to work for you.

Happier employees are more productive. Plus, if managers are seen as mentors and guides, rather than just as bosses, your teams will work together more effectively and you’ll see better outcomes. It can be a great way to help everyone succeed together.

Implement Company Mentorship Program

Put a company mentorship program in place at your company. You can do this during regular work time so that employees feel that it’s important. Encourage your managers to have one-on-one meetings with each team member once a month to discuss career goals and the steps they can take to reach their goals and improve.

You might even pair mentors up with employees who are interested in climbing the ladder. They can receive guidance, and your whole organization can benefit from increased competence and buy-in from employees.

Offer Learning Opportunities

Consider providing a stipend for employees. You can help your employees by giving them a monthly stipend meant for courses or books that will help them with their career development goals. Even if you offer $50 to $100, it can be a help. They can buy courses on coding, or books on productivity. Whatever it is that encourages them to learn and grow, you can support.

Your employees can then take what they learn and apply it to their work for your business.

In some cases, it might make sense to provide tuition reimbursement or some other encouragement toward learning and growth. These programs might need to come with a commitment requirement, though.

Provide Wellness Programs

Finally, you can add wellness programs to your company. Offer access to financial planning. Have a registered dietician create a nutrition plan or offer meal planning services. Provide reimbursement for gym memberships.

These are indirect ways to help your employees succeed and be happier and more productive. Financial stress detracts from productivity, so if you can help alleviate that with a financial wellness program, you could see improvement in your bottom line.

Encouraging quality of life improvements can lead to better workers — and that helps the company.

No matter how you go about it, implementing programs and ideas that can help your employees succeed in their careers and in their lives can be useful to your company. It might cost a little more at first, but the return on your investment can be totally worth it.

Miranda Marquit

Miranda Marquit

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