Having Money Isn’t Everything, Not Having It Is – Kanye West

Updated on June 11th, 2022

“Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.”

– Kanye West
We all need to be reminded sometimes that that context, privilege and perception changes everything. Once we remember where we come from, and the vast spectrum of humanity exists around us, often in our immediate vicinity, we start to worry less about things like how to play our frequent flyer programs to save money on our next flight, or how overdue the new product is to launch. So much of what clogs our minds, particularly that which is related to money, are trivial pursuits. However, for those who do not have privilege at all, neither a comfortable home nor a stable job; those whose minds are wracked with the question of how they will feed their families that night, or how overdue their last rent payment is, money is no simple niggling at their minds, not the superficial complaints that we find ourselves making. With that reminder in our heads, it becomes much easier to engage in a larger community, create art that resonates with the places we come from and the people around us, and find the inspiration to reach beyond ourselves and out into the world.


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Jessica Wei

Jessica Wei

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