Have Well-Spent Moments Every Day – Sarah Ban Breathnach

“Not having money to spend doesn’t mean we can’t have well-spent moments every day.”

– Sarah Ban Breathnach
If you ask anyone who has lived a full and exciting life where their most golden memories are from, their answers may surprise you. Often, they don’t point out cashing their first million, or moving into their dream home, or the month they spent at the Ritz in Paris, sipping champagne every night at the Bar Hemingway. Instead, they may remember more fondly their penniless youth; backpacking through Europe and the nights of cheap wine outside along the Pont des Arts. They may remember the birth of their first child or the sleepless nights during the dawn of their first venture, knowing there was nothing to lose but a world to gain. The best moments in life are earned or hastily snatched, but certainly not bought – and isn’t that the most reassuring fact of life?