5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Business Owners

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The holidays are just a few weeks away again. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait. Not because I have something extravagant on my wish-list. I just have a bunch of business-related nick-necks I’m hoping a few people will buy for me. If you have a special business owner loved one in your life, here are a few gifts that they will appreciate from you.

Gift Cards for Audible Books

Business owners are usually digesting a ton of information from blogs, books, public speakers, and more. Audible books are a nifty way to get inspiration from books while you’re doing other tasks. Trust me, your friend will appreciate being able to buy an audio version of a book that they haven’t had time yet to read.  

Content and Yearly Planners

You can never go wrong with an annual business or productivity planner. If your friend is a heavy writer, blogger, YouTuber, or podcaster, an editorial calendar can help them organize their year. You can find plenty of these types of planners on Amazon. 

A simple yearly business-oriented goal-setting planner can fit the bill as well. Ask your buddy what type of planner they’ve had their eye on for the upcoming year. If they’re a Type A person, I guarantee that they already have one in mind.

Coaching Package or Course Gift Cards

If your business owner friend has been talking about taking a course or working with a coach, some of these service providers offer gift certificates to work with them. Ask your friend to reach out to the coach or course creator to see if this is an option.

Before you get sticker shock, coaching packages and courses can cost $500 on the low end to several thousand dollars on the higher end. The person you’re giving the gift to will understand that you’re not going to pay for the whole thing. However, a gift card for a small bit is a nice gesture that shows you invest in their professional growth.

You don’t want to purchase them a very expensive business related gift anyway because it’s something that the business owner can purchase and write off on their taxes. 

Coffee or Tea Related Products

Writers, bloggers, coaches, and other online business owners usually love a good cup of coffee or tea. One of my very favorite holiday gifts was a coffeemaker a few years back. I use that coffeemaker faithfully every morning. Consider purchasing your business owner loved one a unique type of coffee or tea they’ve never had before. Another idea is a simple mug with a snazzy saying on the front.

Video or Audio Equipment

For business owners who are venturing into video or audio broadcasting, affordable cameras or recording equipment may be the perfect gift. There are many affordable options that newbies in this space can use before investing in higher quality equipment later on. 

Final Word

Every year since I’ve run my business, my holiday wish-list has been filled with a few business-related items. It’s an exciting time for business owners because the end of one year and beginning of another means new opportunities and a fresh start. Whenever I receive business gifts, it’s also nice to know that my friends and family support what I do.