How to Crush Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

When you’re running your own business, fear pops up more often than you’d like. It takes guts to turn a dream into reality, and fear likes to try and stop you. We tell ourselves all kinds of negative things- I’m not good enough, I’m not the one who should be doing this. That’s imposter syndrome, and it has to be crushed.

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter syndrome is the belief that in spite of your accomplishments, you are really a fraud. Someone will eventually come along and reveal that you don’t know what you’re talking about and that you’re not that good at all.

Unsurprisingly, imposter syndrome pops up in a lot of entrepreneurs. You have to have some confidence in yourself to start a business, but the everyday workload and potential set backs can quickly crush your spirit. Doubts creep in, and you can become crippled by fear.

You start to only see your mistakes and focus on your flaws. You fear the day someone tells you ‘you’re not so great after all.’ These negative thoughts can be silent killers.

How To Crush Imposter Syndrome

Firstly, you are not the only feeling this way. Only true narcissists think that they do everything perfectly. Feeling doubts about your abilities is very common. Take heart from knowing you are not alone with this.

Secondly, turn your attention to the specific value that you bring to each project. If you’re a freelance photographer, think about how your eye for detail sets you apart from others. You don’t have to be perfect in all things in order to get something done. If that were a requirement, humans would still be in the caveman era. You are an asset exactly how you are.

Thirdly, remind yourself about past accomplishments. We don’t just magically end up places. Through privilege, hard work, and risk-taking we find ourselves building our own companies.  You’ve helped put yourself where you are, so think back to all the great things you’ve already done.

Finally, surround yourself with support. Build a team of people that see your skills and value. Getting positive feedback from people you trust will boost your faith in yourself.

We’re almost all guaranteed to feel imposter syndrome at some point. You can stop in it it’s tracks. Don’t let it derail you from pursuing greatness.