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How to Create Killer Information Products

Posted on December 26th, 2019
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To create information products that sell doesn’t take perfectionism. There are many different contextual factors of information product creation. No matter your niche — certain factors in writing are unconditionally important in all information product circumstances.

The following is essential information to keep in mind when building or presenting information products. When it comes to optimizing your information for product creation and marketing process — it helps to have a check list.

Develop Your Target Information Product Consumer

The value of the content delivered by your information product will depend on who the information product is created for. This is the first place to start with any product or service — but counts heavily with an information product.

Information exists to be transmitted to those who need it and will make use of it. You’ll want to invest as much time as possible into determining who has the most to gain out of action on your information.

Who will you be serving and helping?

We’ve found that the word demographic is well defined, but can actually mean different things to business owners. Basically, for information products the clients and customers you will want to know is similar to other business groups.

You Can’t Know Too Much

Find out whatever you can about your target group. Know the specific age, sex, where they live, socio-economic status, likes and dislikes.

How does this group like to learn? If your information product is “How to build a deck,” you can bet you better have photos in the info. Whatever you can identify about the people you’re helping to learn something — you can’t ever know too much.

Clearly identifying exactly who you’re creating your information product for is important. Then move to how to create greater value for them. This information is starting with a finished product in your mind.

How Do I Create?

Essentially, the question of “how to create information products” is equivalent to the question of “who am I creating this information product for?” 

Top-Level — Sharp Content

The top-level priorities involved in creating a quality information product is to have the highest quality of content possible. Every single step in the process of creating a high-quality information product will be easier if you have sharp content. Your instructional content needs to properly supplement every single aspect of the product’s makeup.

Even though it can be very challenging in the beginning — a decent amount of time and money invested into developing high-quality content will always be worth your while.

A Valuable and Dependable Framework

The content development phase builds a valuable framework for every level of the informational products creation and marketing process. You are essentially developing the inherent value right now. Every person who opens your content or information product will  be looking for that value –immediately.

Clearly define to your customer what you are doing for them. Describe the exceptional guides you’re providing. Your clients and customers should be able to see you as the superior choice. Exceeding expectations on your informational product will naturally  appeal to those who you are marketing towards.

Develop a Strong Idea of the Consumer Journey

Make sure you develop high-quality content. Keep the consumer’s journey in mind because the step by step process counts. No matter who is consuming your informational product, each of them will be on a certain level of their consumer journey.

Whether they’re in beginning, middle or the finish of digesting the workable and actionable info — every path has pain points. You will need to anticipate these questions and work to calm fears with actual usable solutions that work as quickly as possible.


This means your top priority is to streamline the process, but not so much so that you miss something indispensable. Be able to put each piece of instruction into practical words. Be able to put each step into pictures. If you need to hurry and make a YouTube explanation about your information — could you? 

The more streamlined your process — the more effective your information product will be from an educational standpoint. People want fast these days, and many people want faster than they can actually accomplish the task they are working on. Provide it.

The more easily and naturally your target market can find your product and hence their solution — the better. Searching is exhausting. Being easy to find should be high on your list. Ask friends and family what they would put in the search to find such and such a product. Provide it, use these terms as tags. 


In conclusion, you must know your target consumer. Develop relevant content and optimize a quick, clear and actionable pathway befitting your target consumer’s buyer journey.

There are many different forms that informational products can take. The steps above will maximize your chance to create information products that will have a chance to sell well for you.

Chalmers Brown - Former CTO of Due

Chalmers Brown - Former CTO of Due

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