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According to an Oxford study, 47 percent of human jobs will be replaced by robots by 2035. That is nearly half of all jobs gone! Regardless of how you feel about that prediction, we clearly have a huge economic shift ahead as robotics, computers, and artificial intelligence turn jobs in industries like manufacturing, transportation, food […]

money exchange

It seems you can’t go a week without finding a new article about a new industry Millennials are killing. But while they may not be fans of paper napkins or bar soap, they are actually better with their money than their reputation might lead you to believe. It turns out that Millennials are not ignoring […]

Photographer Guide

If you’re not earning as much as you need from your full-time job, side hustles are one of the best ways to increase your income fast. The fact is, you can only do so much budgeting if your income is just enough to pay your bills and you have hardly any money to spare. There’s no […]

credit cards to ecash

Almost every American adult is familiar with the obligatory squiggle of your name to complete a transaction. But how secure are those signatures in helping us avoid fraudulent transactions and purchases? Not very. Putting aside all of the hassles of writing your name with a dead pen, getting something that looks somewhat like your name […]

Budgeting TIps

Let’s face it — budgeting when you have regular income is straightforward. You have a steady paycheck coming in at least bi-weekly that you can allocate to your bills, savings, debt, and investments. Variable income is another animal. Payments come in at different times and they can even come in months late. It can be […]


The start of this year’s tax season is just around the corner. According to the IRS, the earliest date you can file income taxes this year is January 29, 2018. Without filing an extension the latest date to file is April, 17, 2018. But the refunds of some people could be gone before they ever […]

Automate Your Finances

So you want to start a business. You’ve probably thought out your idea thoroughly, and you might even have a business plan drafted. You’ve likely spent the last several weeks, or months, or even years thinking about the ins and outs of running your business, including all the expenses you’re going to face, the revenue […]

credit cards to ecash

One of the biggest hurdles to starting a business is generating enough capital to make the initial investment. Even if you have a fantastic idea, with a clear path to revenue and growth, if you don’t have the cash to get that momentum started, you might never bring your business to life. So the real […]

analyze your taxes

Happy New Year! While you are working to nurse off that hangover or catch up on sleep, last year is over and it’s time to start thinking about one of two of life’s biggest guarantees: taxes. While you may not be as excited about your taxes as this money nerd, tax season is a great […]

analyze your taxes

I recently attended an ICO conference in Santa Monica, California, where the entire day was filled with excited discussions about the potential of launching a new cryptocurrency as a fundraising effort instead of a traditional IPO. Regulatory issues abound in this high-risk space, but one thing we did not talk about was taxes. Taxes are […]

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