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It’s the finale in our series about why retirement isn’t as expensive as you may think. Without further ado… our final reason… 10. Time for Do-It-Yourself Projects Put down the checkbook (or digital currency)! During retirement, you’ll be able to lessen your dependence on outsourcing and begin doing the projects you love. Instead of outsourcing, […]


Most people are happy to see that 2016 is finally over. But the smart people are getting ready for everything that 2017 is going to have to offer.  One way to make this year better than the last is to have a little bit more money to save, spend or invest – or to pay […]


One of the best ways to diversify your portfolio, apart from stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial instruments, is through real estate. The real estate market offers tremendous opportunities for people to invest, and varying degrees of investment risk, based on your comfort level. Here are four real estate investment strategies to consider this […]

With 2017, there has come about a great deal of change. We saw the beginning of the Trump Administration after the January inauguration. We can expect significant policy and legislative initiatives that will affect the financial world significantly  in the future. If you are looking to park your money somewhere, but want to maintain a […]

Sell Your Old Devices

Do you have an old smartphone or tablet that you don’t use anymore, taking up space in your junk drawer? If you do, you are not alone. A recent study estimates that Americans are sitting on $33 billion worth of old smartphones that they don’t use but have not bothered to get rid of. Your […]

Protect Against Theft

Identity theft is a serious problem, and it is getting even worse. Last year, reports of identity theft surged over 50 percent from the previous year. Identity theft can be costly, too. A criminal who assumes your identity can rack up thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges on your credit card, wreck your credit rating, […]

When it comes to improving your knowledge of personal finance, a good book collection is essential. But if you walk through your local bookstore, chances are it will have a whole aisle devoted to personal finance books. The selection is daunting, and you could never possibly read them all. Luckily, you don’t have to. Here […]

Protein-Packed Lunches

It’s 11:30 and you are absolutely dying. Breakfast was paltry, it happened hours ago, and now you’re ready for some serious lunch. This meal needs to fill you up so you can charge through that afternoon like a rhinoceros (a rhinoceros who loves going through email and calling clients). You can’t just make a quesadilla […]

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