accounting basics

Fall is upon us. Halloween is just weeks away. While personal finances may not be top of mind, there is no better time than the fall to clean up your personal finances. Fall cleaning can be a fun, light option to keep your finances running smoothly and ensure you are on track for your goals. […]

Budgeting TIps

Working from home, setting your own hours, and being your own boss are perks that freelancers enjoy. They probably sound wonderful to those with a regular day job dreaming of becoming self-employed. However, as a freelancer I can tell you that being a freelancer has drawbacks as well. For example, you don’t get paid time […]

exit strategy

Being self-employed means you don’t have the same benefits as those who work at a regular job. There is no sick pay or vacation pay, for instance. Neither is there a health insurance package, life insurance, disability insurance, or flexible medical and childcare accounts. But there is one other key difference between working for an […]

Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Retire

Why did you become an entrepreneur? Was it because you wanted to earn more money? Or, maybe it was the appeal of being your own boss and everything that comes with that. For most entrepreneurs, the end goal is being able to retire with a business generating a passive income stream. And, of course, retiring […]

flow of cash money

When you hire a financial planner, you need to find someone whom you can build a rapport and communicate easily with. In addition, you need to be able to put your trust in them and know that they are going to keep your information confidential. They must be trustworthy because you are essentially putting your […]

ecommerce marketing

Save money today. Just use that coupon app on your phone. We use our phones and tablets to stay connected to friends, family, and work, to keep informed and to entertain ourselves. While these are all great pastimes, there are many terrific apps out there these days that can help will directly improve your bottom […]

Earn more cash today

One of the most important financial concepts is cash flow. Many of us would like to think that our money issues can be solved with the help of a bigger income. However, the reality is that cash flow is just as important as the money coming in. A bigger income does nothing for you if […]

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