long-term focus

Unlike your parents or grandparents, you’re not motivated by a raise or promotion. Today, what really motivates employees involves a wide-range of well thought out drivers like feeling appreciated, doing meaningful work, and having a healthy work-life balance. But, out of all of these ways to motivate employees, what really keeps them pushing forward? Here’s […]

checkout experience

As a salesperson, I’m sure you’ve received plenty of advice throughout the years, including sales hacks. Besides going out there and learning on-the-go, these pieces of wisdom can guide you in maximizing your time and producing results. But, I’m sure that the greatest sales experts haven’t shared with you every secret to their success. That would […]

Even within an industry, disruption occurs in fits and starts. In some areas of finance, tech quickly took root. Tech leaders like Amazon embraced e-commerce before the new millennium. Payment systems went digital before many banks even had a website. But until recently, tech companies have largely stayed out of a seemingly profitable space: cash-flow […]


When things are going right in your life, it seems easy to maintain your motivation. Then, there are times in your life when it just seems like your world is falling apart. A relationship ended. Your business failed. You experienced a health scare. Unfortunately, that’s a part of life. The thing to keep in mind, as Rocky […]

lending business

We all know how important sales and marketing is when it comes to growing your business. However, aggressively chasing after new clients and customers can get exhausting after a while. It feels nice to get some referral business every now and then. To that note, you may not realize that you can get referrals more […]

money habits

Some people overestimate the impact wealth has on their life. They think being rich will solve all of their problems, even though that is almost never the case.Money can be a huge door opener for future opportunities. Not having enough money can be a huge source of stress and a career limiter. Here are ten […]

like social media

Likes and comments don’t pay the bills. You’ve probably heard this before and it’s true. Social media fame doesn’t necessarily mean you’re rich or even making money at all for that matter. Social media can be a great tool to get exposure for your business but again, exposure doesn’t pay the bills. While you can […]

Support Innovation

Cloud contact services tend to be cheaper, safer, and more accessible than on-premise call centers. So why do so many enterprises keep wasting money on an inferior model? It turns out there’s a raft of bad reasons for maintaining the status quo. Get ready for the justifications executives furnish for holding on to their on-premise […]

When the financial crisis struck Wall Street in 2008, the reverberations extended to small businesses on Main Street. Not many businesses had incorporated recession-proof strategies to help get them through the crisis. Banks froze new credit lines, making it harder for businesses to keep their doors open and maintain their workforce. In only two years, […]

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