The feast or famine aspect of freelancing doesn’t sit well with most people. Sometimes it can seem like a ton of work is coming in. Other times, it can be stressful as you struggle to just break even for the month. Getting consistent gigs as a freelancer can seem next to impossible. I’m not a […]

how to program

Thinking of starting a membership site or program? This is one of the best ways to continue offering value to your audience and collect payments on a more consistent basis. So how do you start a membership program online and what do you offer to keep people enrolled? Choose to Solve a Problem or Obstacle […]

Eventually, every small business owner has to hire an accountant. But accountants are anything but one size fits all. Accountants bring order to one of the trickiest, most stressful parts of your business: finances. With a solid accountant, you can save your company money, stay compliant with governing agencies, and budget for the future. Without proper vetting, […]

money management

Everywhere in life, knowledge is power. But in business, knowledge is everything.  You need to understand your current processes before you can automate them. To spot upsell opportunities, you need to know your clients and their contracts like the back of your hand. But it’s not enough for one or two members of the team […]

money or time

What makes the perfect calendar app? At the minimum, it should remind you of appointments and important dates. It should also make scheduling as effortless as possible. The thing is, there is a perfect calendar app. We all have different workflows and varying schedules needs vary. Some of us may just need a simple, streamlined calendar, […]

We’re all guilty of complaining from time-to-time. And, in some situations, that’s not a bad thing. “Complaining allows us to achieve desired outcomes such as sympathy and attention,” says Robin Kowalski, a psychology professor at Clemson University. “The truth is, everybody does it.” But, the constant complaining. No one wants to hear it. And, more […]

The COVID-19 crisis is shutting down brick-and-mortar stores across the U.S. Companies of all shapes and sizes are flocking to the Internet in an attempt to save their bottom line. This sudden mass migration into the online marketplace has escalated the number of companies vying for what was already precious Internet traffic.  Whether your company […]

Research has found that the average American spends around nine hours a day working. That’s a serious concern for everyone since work is a primary stressor in life. How you recharge or not to recharge can impact your mental and physical health. Employee productivity, burnout, and retention are all influenced by stress. More importantly, stress […]

If you’re reading this article, then it’s probably because you’re interested in some advice that can make you more successful. And, you might be intrigued by the term, “quiet rituals.”You’ve probably already come across more than enough articles discussing the habits of billionaires. But, you rarely come across someone discussing the quiet rituals of these […]

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