obtaining money from lenders

My freelance writing career started with humble beginnings. I began by pitching for writing spots on various small blogs. After getting published, I would use those writing samples to pitch businesses and major websites for paid work. These days I get pitches for my own blog. Some of the pitches are great, but most of them […]

Growth in E-Invoicing

There is no greater excitement in business than a hockey stick growth moment. If you are new to the term, hockey stick growth is a growth pattern shaped like a hockey stick. It has a steady, stable base before rocketing up into the sky. It isn’t always easy to create hockey stick moments, but looking […]


Have you ever heard someone’s job title and wondered exactly what it means? Some job title’s seem to describe exactly what that person does while others leave you wondering. Take the title, “sheepherder”, as an example. While you, personally, may not know many sheepherders, the title does tell you just what they do: they herd […]

how amazon works for this business

Amazon’s annual Prime Day took the world by storm on July 16th, and as always it offered a mix of excitement, frustration, and seven figures in sales. But one thing is certain: there is a lot we can learn from Amazon’s Prime Day success. We may even be able to apply some of what we […]

Renminbi money

Two simple sentences can cause business owners a lot of anxiety: “Your rates are higher than this other person I know.” “You charge too much.” At the beginning of my career, I would always get cold sweats before naming a price. I was always scared of what the prospect would say. Interestingly enough, I agonized […]

Blockchain is often described in terms that sound hyperbolic and larger than life — but not because the possibilities are overstated. Rather, it’s because the possibilities extend in so many directions. This technology, upon which all cryptocurrency is built, is now being used by companies ranging from Amazon to IBM, and soon, we should expect to see it implemented […]

The summer is one of the most challenging times to freelance. Having to juggle multiple projects is part of our job description. Juggling various projects with clients who are off on summer vacation or less responsive can be pretty tough. Then there are vacations that you want to take, and you have to make sure […]

As a business owner, you know one of your greatest strengths is the people who work for you. However, it’s not always easy to find the best talent for your business. If you’re looking for people who will do a great job, and help you grow your business, here are some tips for getting the […]

programmer team

A few years ago it felt like everywhere I looked people were talking about their ‘mastermind’ group. I was a new entrepreneur and I had no idea what that term meant. Flash forward to today, and I’ve been a part of three mastermind groups myself. They have been incredibly helpful in both growing and understanding […]

personal success online

Have you ever seen a successful entrepreneur and wanted to be like them too? Maybe you’ve thought, “If they can do it, so can I”. Of course you can. It’s entirely possible for you to thrive as an entrepreneur, just like them. But many times, their accomplishments don’t come easily or by accident. Sure, they […]

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