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Most small business owners want to score free press and promotion for their work. The goal is to have it lead to paying work opportunities and more sales. Over time, I’ve noticed many business owners score free PR. But, then they squander the opportunity by not capitalizing on it. If you’re looking to leverage PR to […]

motivation map

You’re alarm clock goes off bright and early on a Monday morning. Your first thought isn’t how you’re going to tackle the day. It’s questioning why you ever embarked on this entrepreneurial journey. Whether you’re an 18 year-old aspiring entrepreneur or Bill Gates, we all have those mornings when the motivation tank is on empty. Instead […]

long-term focus

I highly doubt that you wake-up in the morning excited about filling in spreadsheets, setting a budget, answering emails, or folding laundry. But not everything in life is exciting and we all have to do incredibly boring work out of necessity from time-to-time. The good news? There are ways to stay motivated to handle mundane work. And, […]

Stay motivated

You’ve followed all the tips and tricks to combat productivity. But, you’re still procrastinating on those goals you’ve set. And those to-do-lists still haven’t been completed. So, what’s the deal? It may be because you just haven’t used the right motivation tips. So, why not give these ten motivation tips a shot? I guarantee that they’ll help […]

juggling time

You wake-up on a Monday morning only to have that sinking feeling in your gut. It’s not because you’re coming down with anything. It’s because you know that the upcoming week is going to be chaotic. And, once that hits you, you’re probably starting to question how you’re possibly going to get everything done. It’s completely possible […]

fighting to success

We’re all faced with challenges on a daily basis. Often times we can quickly adjust the course to get back on track. For example, you could watch an inspiring TEDTalk or go for a walk outside. But, sometimes we’re face-to-face with a challenge so monumental that it drains every ounce of motivation that you have. It […]

Engagement level in the U.S. workforce has been less than enthusiastic. One Gallup poll found that only 32 percent of U.S. employees are engaged. The majority (50.8 percent) of employees were “not engaged,” while another 17.2 percent were “actively disengaged.” Because of these stats, leaders have been searching for solutions to increase motivation. While some may […]

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