vacation budget

You need a vacation. Really. Too often, we don’t take advantage of the opportunity to unplug and take a break. A vacation is a perfect way to get away from work or business and just be. Not only can a vacation be fun, but it’s also a chance for you to improve your life, become a […]

Business Budget

When you own a business, having your finances in order is critical to continue operations. Of course, you probably also have a business plan, an accountant, and a business budget among other things. But when it comes to balancing your business budget, it can sometimes get tricky. But there are tips to help you balance […]

Office Supplies Home

After a couple of years going to a coworking space, I’ve decided to cancel my coworking space membership. This may come as a shock because I love my coworking space membership, but sometimes certain expenses no longer make sense. Although I’m going to miss having a coworking space membership, I know the time has come […]

vacation budget

Tariffs are a big topic in the news lately, as the United States, China, and other countries have been dragged into a debate on trade deficits, intellectual property theft, and other trade-related disagreements. Whatever you think of tariffs being right or wrong, they are rearing their head in the headlines, and both the United States and […]

socialmedia world

Lately, I’ve been getting asked a lot about influencers. Specifically, people keep asking me how they themselves can become influencers. This is in wake of having done some campaigns for major brands and adding influencer work as a stream of income. In fact, I think I can safely say influencer work is the highest paying […]


I hired a tax preparer the first year I earned extra income on the side. I had never seen a 1099 before, so I figured my return was better left to a professional. Unfortunately, the experience was less than desirable. He filled out all the forms and put together everything beautifully in a nice packet. […]

paying by checking

You are just starting out as a freelancer or small business owner and you must determine how much you are going to pay yourself. You might want to approach that issue in two different ways. The first is ensuring you pay yourself just enough to help you to survive. You base your salary on your […]

online banking

I speak to many freelancers who tell me they don’t have any savings. Since I’ve been freelancing for many years and already know how freelance finances work, this boggles my mind. The truth is, my ability to prioritize savings has saved my behind more than once. The problem is most people don’t realize they need […]

Social Media Desk

It’s been a little over a decade since hashtags first made an appearance on social media. Although it took a few years, they slowly gained in popularity and use.  Today they can be found virtually everywhere. Even so, not everyone uses hashtags to their full potential. They look kind of cool when you use them, […]

Departments to consider outsourcing

Part of making sure you get paid is retaining current clients. After all, it’s easier (and cheaper) to retain clients than it is to find a new one. While the overall experience of your service will help retain people, you can start with your client onboarding. What is client onboarding? Client onboarding is when you […]

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