apps guide

As a freelance writer, I spend most of my work hours staring at a word processing application. There are so many writing apps these days, but most of us go with the default options we grew up with or that our employers prefer. As such, I was a dedicated Microsoft Word user for years. Over […]

How many employees and clients does the platform accommodate

When I first started freelancing the idea of hiring contractors to help me with the workload was foreign. As far as I was concerned, I was the contractor and it was my job to complete all of the work. It was simple math. The more work I did on my own, the more money I […]

checkout experience

Many of my coaching clients and students are in the process of learning sales. While some can do sales very naturally, others have a more difficult time. As such, the latter group is always wondering how they can stay motivated when they keep failing to close a deal. I understand because I’ve been there. I […]


Everyone I know recently had a really bad week. From emergency room visits to business deals falling through, it seems as if everyone I know is going through it recently. However, work isn’t going to stop just because we’re having a hard time. This begs the question – how can successful business owners rebound after […]

email sales

In a world where social media plays an important role in marketing, business owners often forget to build an email list. For some reason, they understand they need to be on social channels, but when I ask them about email lists they are lost. Here’s where the problem comes in. You need to build an […]

inner entrepreneur

You have great ideas and goals for your business. Maybe you’re looking forward to quitting your job soon and taking your passion project to the next level. There’s often uncertainty that surrounds many business owners before and after they take the leap. It’s that little voice you may hear whispering doubts to you about what […]

Women support group

I am a business coach who has been helping small business owners with their online marketing and sales for years. I’ve also done marketing consulting work for financial companies looking to market to Latinos. While this is a great start, I realized I needed to scale in the form of a group coaching offering. Now […]

Improves customer loyalty

Hit the ground running this month (and hey, every month afterwards!) by focusing on what really matters: building an audience of people that freaking love you. You want to have a business base that is interested, engaged, and in love with you and your work. Once you’ve got that, it’s really just tweaking things to […]

Due Sales Team

There’s no doubt in my mind that sales is one of the toughest positions in business. Sales managers go to great lengths to keep their teams happy. Despite all the effort there’s still tons of turnover. So how can you truly motivate your sales team? Truthfully there isn’t one single solution that always works. Sales organizations […]

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