In previous blogs, we’ve talked about branding yourself as a freelancer. I’ve also briefly mentioned how freelancers need to start seeing themselves as experts in a specific area. In this article, we’re really going to dive deep into why that is. Before we address the many reasons why freelancers need to become subject matter experts, […]

One of the biggest complaints about freelancing is that it’s difficult to scale a freelance business. Freelancing usually requires the freelancer to do most of the work and trade their hours for dollars. Eventually, there’s a cap on how much money they can earn because they are at maximum capacity. This is technically true, but […]

Regardless of the size of the project and if you’re hired as freelancer or in-house, project managers have the difficult task of not only launching a project, but also making sure that everything runs smoothly and collaborating with team members and the client. It can actually get stressful. But, if you properly plan and manage […]

There comes a time in the life of every freelancer when they need to learn to set boundaries with clients. Unfortunately, there’s no “Boundaries for Freelancers 101” class we can take before starting our businesses. That means most of us learn how to set boundaries the hard way. For many, myself included, learning to set […]

One of my favorite things to do is partner with others on interesting projects and ventures. A few years ago, Tom Drake, from Canadian Finance Blog, suggested we work together, and now we partner on a few different websites, and we work on a podcast (Money Mastermind Show) together. Deciding who you want as a […]

I learned the importance of having multiple streams of income at a very young age. I was barely 22 when I graduated from college into The Great Recession and went six months without a job. When I worked as a recruiter I was constantly interviewing people who would lose their jobs (a.k.a. all their income) […]

None of us like to admit when we’re wrong. We’re taught from a young age to avoid mistakes, and it feels like a personal flaw when we commit these errors. The reality, though, is that we are human, and so make mistakes. You don’t need to see mistakes as failure, though. You can use your […]

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