As a freelancer there’s a good chance that you work from home, spend a lot of time alone and generally don’t have a lot of human interaction. It can be really isolating to constantly be working independently and before long you start to miss having coworkers. This was actually me for two and a half […]

Fortunately, having a deadbeat client who owes me money doesn’t happen very often because I’ve put systems and processes in place. To this day, I still have never been totally stiffed on a payment because I eventually get my money. However, there are a few occasions in which yes, I am owed a significant amount […]

Many of us wish that we can spend less time working. Whether you work for someone else, or whether you are a business owner and work for yourself, chances are you spend a lot of time working. While having a good work ethic is desirable, you don’t want to go overboard and start working too […]

For many business owners, it’s not enough just to make money. There are a number of business leaders who prefer to be respected. You can’t develop a good reputation overnight, however. Instead, you need to building over time. The way you act and the way you interact with other people can lead to respect from […]

One thing I never expected to learn as a full-time blogger was project management. Fast forward a few years and I’ve actually become just slightly obsessed with different project management systems. The reality is that as my freelance business grows, and as I continue building my own brand, I’ve had to learn how to work […]

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve likely been overwhelmed a time or two. After all, no one is as passionate about your business as you are, and entrepreneurs have been known to work crazy hours every week just so they can avoid working for someone else! Of course, all that responsibility and the never ending to […]

During my time as a full-time freelancer, I’ve come to realize that there are certain questions I need to ask prospective clients before agreeing to work with them. Pulling from my questions to ask prospective clients has become a part of my process in determining whether or not I’ve got a bad apple on my […]

Staying current as a small business owner can be overwhelming. There are a number of ways to reduce this feeling while moving forward. Here are three tips to educate yourself and grow as a business owner. 1. Read articles in your field. Credit card expert and Consumer Advocate, Beverly Harzog is well known as the […]

Between technology, such as Skype, Slack, or Google Hangouts, the need to commute back and forth everyday is no longer necessary – which makes it easier to enjoy work-life balance and apply for jobs no matter where you reside. Whether you’re looking to join an established company, start your own business, or a freelancer looking […]

During my time in Mexico last week my web designer and I had a mini-mastermind meeting going on. One of the things we talked about was the need for online business owners to spend time brainstorming content ideas. This is true regardless of whether you’re a writer, coach, web designer or consultant. It also includes […]

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