“Real riches are the riches possessed inside.”

– BC Forbes

Bertie Charles Forbes, the founder of Forbes magazine, spent the years between 1904 to 1954 writing and editing financial news. As a writer, he canoodled with and interviewed Gilded Age industry titans, world leaders, automotive giants, and other powerful men in a time where America was taking its shape and blossoming into the dominating world power it is now. He met the old money, heralded in the New Money, reported through the financial crash, helmed his magazine through two world wars, and saw the country at its most prosperous, as well as its most devastated state. However, through the world’s leaps and bounds, ups and downs, and all of the money progress can make, Forbes never forgot the true value of humanity. In his dramatic life span he must have been placed in situations where the inner riches of an individual could outshine even the most sparkling diamonds.


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