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Smartphones today can be used for just about anything — this includes making payments. You store all types of payment information on your phone. With Apple Pay and Android Pay, you can make safer mobile payments wherever and whenever a merchant has the capability. To complete a mobile payment, one can hold their phone near […]

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Mobile credit card processing has made accepting credit and debit cards as payment safely and securely as possible without having to use phone lines and fixed hardware. This technology has changed the way retail works. Now vendors can connect with their customers, with their food truck, mobile kiosks, booth fair, festival and more. Often mobile […]

Mobile Payment Processing

Payment processing is something that’s become an increasingly important responsibility for businesses over the years. As customers have moved away from cash payments and now predominantly pay with plastic or virtual methods like ecash. The need for a fast, secure, and seamless payment process that protects the interests of both buyer and merchant has emerged. […]


Have you readied your business to begin taking payments online? There is a lot of work and time that goes into finding the perfect payment processor. It can be easy to neglect or overlook certain requirements before picking a provider. Before acting on your small business payment needs, you should ask some necessary questions. For a […]

Stop Charging Hourly

Because the world of merchant processing is continually evolving, thanks to trends like mobile point-of-sale systems, cryptocurrencies, and stricter regulations, it’s never been more important to shop around for a processing company that is innovative, secure, cost-effective, and has the features that your business needs. That may appear overwhelming at first, but we’ve put together […]

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When approached by a future client, one of the first questions they’ll ask is how much you’re going to charge them to complete a project. Of course, generating an estimate off the top of your head is easier said than done. Even harder, turning your estimate into a sale. Unlike selling products, the price that […]


Ever since it was a last minute addition to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, the Durbin Amendment has been a controversial topic among lawmakers and businesses of all-sizes. With a new presidential administration in office promising to roll back any unnecessary regulations, the Durbin Amendment has once again stirred-up […]


One of the most important financial documents that freelancers and small business owners can perfect — are invoices. After all, a sloppy and unprofessional invoice doesn’t encourage your clients to pay you on time. And, that’s not great for your cash flow. There’s another purpose for invoices; it’s a powerful way promote and market your […]

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