Abraham Lincoln – If You Make a Bad Bargain

Abraham Lincoln - If You Make a Bad Bargain

“My old father used to have a saying: If you make a bad bargain, hug it all the tighter.”

– Abraham Lincoln

We all miscalculate our actions sometimes, and some of the repercussions are bigger than others. In Lincoln’s case, uniting the South and the North, as well as their unique socio-political and economic disparities, was his big bet. When it comes to finance, as well, there’s hardly a small mistake one can just sweep under the carpet.

But pressure makes diamonds, bad bets make great countries, and the fallout could really be an opportunity for a greater future. So if there’s a bargain you’re up to the task of, a dice you want to roll, a wager with an unknown future, the payoff better be worth more than you invested. And the risk should be something you’re prepare to hug all the tighter. 

Wager wisely, and be confident in your values and opportunity will arise from your risk.