Abraham Lincoln – Do Not Be the Victim of Discouragement

Abraham Lincoln - Do Not Be the Victim of Discouragement

“Let no feeling of discouragement prey upon you, and in the end you are sure to succeed.” – Abraham Lincoln

Too often I’ve found myself the victim of discouragement. Like a vulture, discouragement picks at you with feelings of inadequacy, claws at your shortfalls, and pulls you down towards a seemingly inevitable failure in your life. You may think the discouragement preys upon you because you are weak, but that is not so. All of us deal with discouragement each and every single day; whether it be you stubbed your toe getting ready, a proposal that took weeks to prepare was trashed, or just and overly frustrating day.

The point is, you made it through that day. You survived.

Survival is a success, and each success you make, the less likely you are to fall into discouragement. There will always be discouraging moments and thoughts, but don’t let those discouraging thoughts paralyze you, don’t let them stop you from reaching your dreams.