6 Reasons Why I Cancelled My Coworking Space Membership

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After a couple of years going to a coworking space, I’ve decided to cancel my coworking space membership. This may come as a shock because I love my coworking space membership, but sometimes certain expenses no longer make sense.

Although I’m going to miss having a coworking space membership, I know the time has come to move on. Here are a few reasons why that is.

#1 My coworking space was always a temporary solution

Part of what makes coworking spaces so great is they can provide you with temporary solutions. In my case, my coworking space membership was a temporary solution until I moved out of the family home.

Well, I moved out almost a year ago. And after seeing whether or not I would still need my coworking space membership, the answer is no.

#2 I can go work for free in new spaces

There are new spaces popping up all over the city where I can go work. For example, there’s a new café opening a few blocks from my apartment. The café is meant to accommodate telecommuters and it also has conference rooms. The best part is I don’t have to pay a monthly membership fee to use it.

#3 I rarely take meetings in person

I rarely take meetings in person for my business. That’s because most of my clients aren’t local to me. Those that are local to me have no problem meeting at a coffee shop.

Now, if I was expected to have a designated office space then I would consider keeping my coworking space membership. Since I don’t, it really no longer makes sense to keep it.

#4 A client needs me to use a specific set for video classes

One of my clients and I are currently working on a big video project. This project requires me to have a very specific set which I already created in my apartment. In addition, I need a very quiet area. Unfortunately, my coworking space membership does not provide me with either of these.

#5 I don’t have a problem making business connections

Part of the appeal of a coworking space membership is the network of people you have access to. In the entire time that I’ve had my membership, I’ve only done a project with one other member. Additionally, I’m out at events all the time and don’t really have a problem making business connections.

#6 I can actually work from home now

As I already mentioned, I got a coworking space membership as a temporary solution. At the time, there were a lot of distractions at home which were keeping me from getting work done.

Since moving out, I now have a designated area in my apartment where I can work. In fact, I actually get a lot done there. On the days when I feel like I need to get out of the house, I can go to a coffee shop or maybe use a day rate.

Final Thoughts

Coworking spaces are amazing for startups and entrepreneurs. It’s just that my life and business have changed and I no longer need one. At the end of the day, a coworking space membership is for flexibility and that’s exactly what I used it for.