4 Tips for Acing That Job Interview

Ace your Job Interview

If being an entrepreneur isn’t right for you, you’ll want a fantastic job. If you want a job, more likely than not you’re going to have to interview. A recent study indicated that most job openings require a prospective employee to interview for a shot at filling the position; the more important and higher paying the job, the more likely it will require a face-to-face at some point. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking and panic inducing, but they are a part of life. But don’t fret: here are four great tips to make sure you come out on top in the next job interview.

Do Your Homework

One of the quickest ways to botch a job interview is to appear totally unprepared for it. Research the company you’re interviewing with; know its business, and know if and why it has been in the news. Be able to talk about the position you’re interviewing for. If possible try to know something about the management (including the person interviewing you). Prepare yourself, too. Research the types of questions typically asked in an interview. If possible talk to employees or clients at the company, to better understand the business; take a look at what people are wearing at the business, and dress similarly during your interview. The more prepared you are for the big day, the better you’ll do.

Be Yourself. Or at Least be Real

While it is extremely critical to be prepared, it is equally important to be authentic. Employers are not looking for canned, memorized answers when they sit down with you; they are trying to get a sense of what kind of person you are, and what kind of employee you’d be. All the aforementioned preparation should help you demonstrate your knowledge of the company and the job; if it merely showcases your ability to conduct rote memorization, you’re probably not going to do that well in the interview. Conversely, if an interviewer walks away thinking you are an honest, authentic person, you are probably going to make out ok.

Be like your Interviewer

Studies have shown that if you bond with your interviewer, your prospects for getting hired are raised significantly. As discussed earlier, try to do some research on your interviewer prior to the meeting. Even if this is not feasible, find a way to establish some rapport, and project that you are a kindred spirit. Some studies even indicate to position your body symmetrically to the interviewer during your meeting. The more that the interviewer feels in common with you, the better chance you have of walking out of that interview a winner. As yourself, if you were an entrepreneur, what would you want in an employee?

Get Psyched

No matter how prepared, authentic and similar to the interviewer you are, it all comes to naught if you appear low energy and lack confidence during the interview. So get pumped! First, get a good night’s sleep (and no hangovers), and get a good workout in before you head to the interview. Eat a light but satisfying meal, and wear clean (preferably dry cleaned) clothes that project poise and confidence; make sure you look the way you want the world to see you. Some people even jump up and down in private just prior to the interview, to get them into the right frame of mind. And while all of this may seem a bit unusual, studies have shown that psyching yourself up prior to a job interview can lead to a better outcome. So what are you waiting for?

No one loves job interviews, but they are a critical part of getting hired. So you’d better start preparing for them sooner rather than later. Do your research on the company and position you are applying for. Be yourself, and leave a positive impression on the interviewer. And make sure you are alert, positive, and high energy when it comes to the actual interview. Following these tips can get you from unemployed to in the driver’s seat in a heartbeat, so start using them today.