4 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship is a Lifestyle

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Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, period. The longer I run my own business and hang out with other self-employed individuals, the more I see how true this is.

Another way to view this is that entrepreneurship isn’t a job. If it were, most self-employed individuals would be far more miserable. However, I notice my self-employed circle thinks and acts differently than those who are regularly employed.

Note that neither is better than the other, they are just different. Each person also chooses a different thing and that’s fine. If you’re considering the entrepreneurship route, here are four ways entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs work “weird” hours.

I used to feel guilty for working on weekends. While I don’t do it as much anymore (because self-care) I will still work “weird hours.” For example, I went to go do a radio show on a Friday night. While most people are out a bar, I was trying to secure a new opportunity. It also sounded like a fun opportunity to hang out in a radio station.

Most entrepreneurs I know love what they do for a living. That’s why working “weird” hours isn’t that big of a deal. We may be working, but we’re also having a good time.

Entrepreneurs “play” at weird hours.

Most regularly employed people wait until their days off to have some fun. Entrepreneurs don’t.

First, we don’t really have the same concept of a day off. A few weeks ago, I took a Tuesday off. I also went out on a Monday night because a friend was in town and I knew I could start working later the next day. Because making your own schedule is just one of the ways in which entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

Additionally, entrepreneurs mix work and play very easily. I’m always out at industry events because it helps my business. It just so happens to also involve a lot of time hanging out at bars.

I like to think of it as “work-life integration” instead of work-life balance. Balance applies everything is in equal parts. That doesn’t exist in entrepreneurship because the lines are very blurry. Hence, entrepreneurship is a lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs do crazy things.

I’ve been told them I’m crazy on more than one occasion. It’s not that I’m actually crazy, it’s that I’m always up for pushing myself or trying something new.

Trying a new workout that’s intense? I’m there. Walking across a bed of hot coals at a Tony Robbins event? Sign me up! Got invited on a random trip? I’m booking a flight ASAP!

Most of the entrepreneurs I know are the same way. We’re always game for some new adventure. Truth be told, it’s a lot of fun when you live your life that openly.

Entrepreneurs take responsibility for their lives.

Entrepreneurs have a keen sense of taking responsibility for their own lives. We take on responsibility for so much already that we realize we are the ones who steer our own ship.

Just like we take responsibility when something goes wrong in the business, we also know how to take responsibility when things go wrong in our lives in general.

I personally believe that a big reason for this is that entrepreneurship forces you to face your fears, take swift action and take risks. It also forces you to see how your actions and mindset directly affect your results. If it’s true in business, then it must be true in life as well.

Final Thoughts

If you think being an entrepreneur is like having a job, think again. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle and one that isn’t for everyone. But for those individuals where this is appealing, it’s a really fun way to live.