3 Ways to Practice Self-Care As a Business Owner

Practice self care

Self-care as a business owner is not easy. Especially in the first couple of years when your business it’s in its infancy. Starting a business from the ground up takes a lot of time and energy from you, and it’s tempting to feel like you need to work all the time.

The reality is self-care as a business owner is important. This is something I’ve learned the hard way before, but I was recently reminded just how important it is and the many ways we can practice it, Here are some tips tp keep in mind as you learn to prioritize self-care as a business owner.

Realize it’s okay to partake in self-care.

I used to avoid self-care as a business owner either because I was terrified to spend the money with inconsistent income or I simply felt like I was too busy.

I had to learn that it was not only okay to take time to practice self-care as a business owner, but that it was also okay to get myself a massage every once in a while.

I have found that this is a very difficult thing for people to do. We’ve been taught that we need to work all the time in order to make money. We live to work. What we don’t realize is if we continue with this, we run the risk of getting sick and not being able to make money.

We’ve also been taught that money is scarce. That’s why we sometimes feel terrible spending money when it comes to self-care as a business owner.

Here’s the reality, though: Spending money on self-care is just another investment in your business. If you feel good, you can make more money.

At this point, I consider my monthly massages or holistic treatments as an add on to my health insurance.

Spend the money on proper nutrition.

I’ve been exercising regularly for years, but it wasn’t until recently when I realized that exercising is just one part of the equation in terms of self-care as a business owner. In fact, you could argue that food is more important than exercise,

 I’ve previously mentioned how I’ve worked with a nutritionist because I was having a physical issue. The interesting part is it not only helped with the particular physical condition I was having, it helped my entire body feel better.

Take care of the body parts you need in order to work.

My body recently started to feel it. Sometimes my hands hurt, my forearms are tight, my wrists are uncomfortable and my back is sore.

I recently went to get a massage when they made some recommendations of neuro tissue massage to help with all the knots I have in my hands and arms. They also recommended ergonomic tools I can use to help my hands while I’m working.

To some, this may sound ridiculous, but the reality is I need my hands to make a living. That means self-care as a business owner looks like going above and beyond to protect my hands.

Final Thoughts

Self-care as a business owner is an investment of time and money into your business, Simply put, if you can’t work you can’t make money, so make sure to actually prioritize your care.