4 Make Money Blogging Myths Exposed

There are a lot of make money blogging myths out there.  In fact, it seems that every day there is someone new trying to sell something that teaches people how to make money, but a lot of the time these aren’t actually based on fact. I’m sure you perhaps have already had an experience where you wasted money on a program or training that promised to teach you how to make money blogging, only to be left as confused as you were before.

I fell for a lot of these make money online blogging myths as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. However, I would be lying if I didn’t say that I, too, had not fallen victim (and wasted money) based on false promises.

In this article, I’m going to expose some make money blogging myths and share the truth about what it’s actually like.

Make Money Blogging Myth #1: It’s all about ad revenue.

It used to be that the main way bloggers made money was by joining ad networks like Google AdSense. Some were making hundreds if not thousands of dollars off of ad revenue. But alas, times have changed.

First, you would need an insane amount of traffic to your website in order to see that kind of revenue. Second, Google changes the rules whenever they want which could affect your revenue.

Additionally, there are multiple other ways that bloggers make money. This includes blogging for others, sponsorship, consulting, affiliate sales and selling their own info products. In my experience, this has made me way more money than ad networks ever did.

Granted, this doesn’t mean ad revenue is completely dead. I still get excited when I make a few bucks off of ads in my sleep, I’m just not expecting it to pay my bills anytime soon.

Make Money Blogging Myth #2: It’s easy.

Perhaps the most pervasive of the make money blogging myths is that blogging is easy. I assure you it is not easy. It requires patience and consistency. In fact, any pro blogger will tell you that blogging is a lot of hard work.

Make Money Blogging Myth #3: It’s fast.

You’re not making any money from a blog for at least the first six months. Period. To give you an idea, I’ve been at this for years and now I’ll hopefully get close to hitting six figures by the end of the year (it’s still a maybe, but it’s totally possible). While everyone’s trajectory is a little different, just know that you’re probably not going to be rolling in the dough for a while.

Make Money Blogging Myth #4: All you have to do is write blogs.

This is one of the make money blogging myths I hate the most. If making money blogging was as simple as writing the occasional blog post, you’d have a lot more people doing it.

Making money blogging requires you to learn online marketing. That’s far more complicated than simply writing blog posts. You need to learn SEO, opt-ins, social media, sales, autoresponders, branding – you name it!

Granted, you can learn this stuff over time. I certainly didn’t know any of this when I started out, but now it’s as second nature as breathing.

Final Thoughts

Please don’t fall for any of these make money blogging myths when looking for resources online. Unfortunately, these myths are just a case of shady marketing practices.