10 Essential Sites For All Accountants

If you’re an accountant, then it’s incredibly important that you keep up with the latest news. After all, you don’t want to appear foolish if you are completely unaware of new regulations or updates to popular accounting software like QuickBooks. It also wouldn’t hurt to gain additional insights or points-of-view from some of the industry’s thought leaders. And, that’s exactly why I’ve put together this list of 10 essential sites – in no particulair order – for all accountants to visit daily.

No matter if you need industry updates or advice, you’ll find everything you need in the following essential sites for all accountants to help make you a more efficient and knowledgeable accountant.

1. Sleeter Report

The Sleeter Group Consultants has earned a national reputation for delivering QuickBooks training material and sharing their accounting software expertise. For accountants working with small to medium sized businesses, this blog is arguably one of the most important sites available. In short, if you’re having any issues with QuickBooks, Xero, or cloud accounting, you’ll probably find the answers through their detailed articles.

2. Schneider Downs Insights

Schneider Downs & Co., Inc. have been offering accounting, tax, and business advisory services since 1956. The company’s Insights blog provides thoughts on accounting, taxes, and financial opportunities.

3. The CPA Desk

With their industry thought leaders, the CPA Desk focuses on topics, taxes and accounting, and the current financial trends from across the world. What makes the CPA Desk unique, however, is that most of the content is in the form of two minute videos so you can watch them whenever you have a chance.

4. Bloomberg BNA Accounting Blog

This blog is an owned subsidiary of Bloomberg and has become a recommended source for professionals seeking tax, regulatory, legal, or business information. With a network consisting of more than 2,500 reporters, there is more than enough in-depth coverage, guidance, and advice to assist you with any financial query.

5. Intuitive Accountant

If you’re a small business advisor who relies on Intuit, you definitely want to keep up with the latest news and offerings from this software company. Besides providing Intuit updates and advice, the Intuitive Accountant also publishes articles with practical advice, like helping your clients find alternative forms of credit, or proposals on getting them out of debt.

6. The Accounting Onion

With 35 years of experience teaching accounting, and producing around 200 management education programs in 14 countries, Tom Selling now spends his time blogging about what he knows best; financial reporting. Overall, the Accounting Onion is a great resource if you need a little more information or education.

7. Bean Counter

Created by David W. Marshall, who has over 20 years of experience with consulting and bookkeeping for small businesses, this site is rich with content ranging from definitions to quizzes to lists of accounting schools. David also shares his favorite accounting tools and software and provides tips for small business owners.

8. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is part of SourceMedia’s Professional Services group and delivers breaking news, editorial analysis, podcasts, webinars, and in-depth articles for members of the accounting and tax industry. If you sign-up for a free membership, you’ll receive exclusive newsletters, such as the Top 100 Firms, and special reports.

9. re: The Auditors

This accounting news site is authored by Francine McKenna, who previously worked at two Big 4 firms (Accenture, Andersen, Bearing Point, Capgemini, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers) and runs the “Accounting Watchdog” at Forbes.com. The site mainly focuses on the role, responsibilities, and regulations of the audit and accounting industry. `

10. Accounting Coach

This site was launched in 2003 by Harold Averkamp, CPA, MBA in order to help people gain a better understanding of accounting concepts. The site features definitions, online quizzes, video tutorials, business templates, and a Q&A section – all at no cost.