If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper, or small business owner doing everything yourself, then you already how busy you are with everything from payroll to filing taxes. That means that you should neglect the latest accounting news and advice from seasoned professionals.

But, where do you find the time to discover these amazing resources? How about beginning your search by checking out the following 10 accounting blogs you need to follow.

Too Legit To Audit

Too Legit To Audit is the official blog of schoolofbookeeping.com. SOB was created by accounting and bookkeeping professionals as an online resource that delivers courses and connects accounting professionals with each other. The blog contains advice on everything from using services like QuickBooks to the importance of saying thank you. There are also job listings and Google Hangouts events every Thursday and Friday.

Reuters Finance – Small Business

The Reuters ‘Small Business’ section is a vital resource for accountants, bookkeepers, and small business owners to keep up with the latest news involving finance. The site also features tips on starting a business, legal structures, insurance concerns, marketing plans, and tax and finance queries.

Intuitive Accountant

Designed specifically for small business advisers, Intuitive Accountant shares the latest news and advice involving Intuit. The site also includes articles on general ledgers, tax management, and payroll and merchant services. There are also training resources and posts that highlight accounting superstars.

Accounting Today

Accounting Today has become one of the leading providers of news for the tax and bookkeeping community. Besides breaking news, Accounting Today also provides in-depth guides and online services and resources covering accounting technology, audits, and financial planning. Other features include informative podcasts and newsletters that discuss the leading accounting firms and professionals.

Rita Keller

Rita Keller is a respected CPA, author, and speaker who has been frequently recognized as one of the most influential influencers in accounting. Her daily blog posts share lessons she’s learned from her work experience, as well as practical advice for CPAs.

Number Crunch

Number Crunch is the blog for OSYB, LLC. – a small business bookkeeping service out of Long Island. The Managing Director of OSYB is Ed Becker, a licensed CPA in New York and Massachusetts. Number Crunch shares the latest accounting news and tips to assist with the accounting and bookkeeping needs of your small business.

Less Accounting Blog

Less Accounting provides simplified accounting software for small businesses. Their official blog contains posts that focus on ways to improve your accounting and small business practices with tips on automating marketing and dealing with difficult clients.

Accounting Onion

Prior to launching the Accounting Onion, Tom Selling was a professor, author, and Academic Fellow, Office of the Chief Accountant, US Securities and Exchange Commission. With the Accounting Onion blog, Tom is able to share his knowledge and experience by “peeling away financial reporting issues one layer at a time”.

Don’t Mess With Taxes

Don’t Mess With Taxes is run by Kay Bell, an Austin-based journalist who has covered taxes for more than 15 years and is the author of “The Truth About Paying Fewer Taxes”. This award-winning blog shares Kay’s opinions regarding tax laws, policies, and regulations. Don’t Mess With Taxes also includes tax tips and a glossary of terms.

The Timesheet Blog

Tsheets has created technology that helps businesses easily track the time of employees to help save money and time with payroll and invoicing. The blog mainly shares advice on how to help a business succeed through invoicing tips, business lending, hiring, and software reviews.

Accounting might seem boring, but it doesn’t have to be! These blogs are some of my favorite ways to stay on top of finance news, but there are many others. Did I miss your favorite? Feel free to share in the comments below. 


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