cell phone emails

Email marketing has been lauded in every corner of the internet. The bigger your mailing list the better. Why is that? According to the direct marketing association, returns can be as high as 38x. Some companies report an ROI of 70x. No other digital channel consistently delivers those kinds of results. People who succeed with […]

retail store payments

Dreaming of working from your laptop? Working remotely can be as glamorous or as basic as you want it to be. The key is that it’s flexible and allows you more freedom. One of the best ways to earn a full-time income from your laptop is to create products that help people and sell them […]

analyze your taxes

Tax reform is little more than a memory and yet the effects will last for years to come.  Now, taxpayers must understand the changes and plan their financial lives, whether personal or professional, accordingly.  Businesses will follow suit as well. Many benefited from changes seen under the law and received lower tax bills, assuming tax […]

different currency money

Having plenty of hands in international markets helps companies like Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. become powerhouses across the globe. However, it also creates significant challenges as companies have to keep up with foreign exchange fluctuations. In the first quarter of 2019, Nu Skin’s revenue growth was impaired by about 6% due to foreign exchange (forex) headwinds. For Nu Skin, […]

Invoicing Clients

Getting paid — let alone on-time — has long been a problem for business owners. Large corporations can shoulder the burden of delayed payment. However, small and medium-sized companies can’t go that long without payment. Late payments and unpaid invoices can create serious cash flow problems for a business. In some cases, payment delays can shut […]

Accounting outsourcing success

Discovery of a qualified accountant for your business has always taken an exhaustive effort. The job itself is a difficult one — keeping dreamers in line with their budgets. In today’s market, it is a demanding pursuit to find top accounting talent. And it’s about to get worse — much worse. Consider that outsourcing makes sense […]

protect against data hack

A recent data breach at German IT service provider Citycomp has resulted in a flood of data being published online — including financial and private information on all of Citycomp’s clients. You need to know how to fortify your defenses against data breaches. The data breach included a client list that covered major companies such as Oracle, Airbus, and […]

How much are fees and other costs

We all get faced with extra fees and up-charges at one time or another. One of the most common extra fees that I really don’t like it the ‘convenience’ fee since I never really understand what it’s for. When you freelance or run a small business, you may see the need to charge an extra […]

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