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The Best Initial Marketing Avenues to Consider

Marketing Avenues

Throughout time, people have advertised using all sorts of outlets. Radio, television, and newspaper have always been effective marketing avenues. With the invention of the home computer and the world wide web, it changed the way companies would advertise forever. Having a home computer now allowed for the invention of email and websites, which were state of the art ways to advertise in the 1990’s.

Bringing us into the 2000’s, smartphones were presented to us along with the beginning of social media, these are largely what the Internet is used for today.

With that being said, there are three avenues that may potentially be the best for advertising. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram or currently some of the most highly used areas throughout the internet and should be utilized as part of the best investments a small business owner can make.


The most popular social media site, Facebook, is a breeding ground for new clients and an effective way to market your products. From free advertisement all the way to better, more effective, purchasable marketing Facebook is the best way to go. First, you can create a page for your products and allow people to interact with others that enjoy the same market while passively creating brand loyalty. Secondly, you can advertise the Facebook page to others by putting it on their feeds. Lastly, it is effective due to the sheer amount of people it is able to reach. Utilizing Facebook for marketing can drastically increase your brand awareness.


An underestimated method of advertisement that people overlook is Snapchat. This product allows you to send small little insights into your business. Using this avenue for marketing builds a personable relationship; because you can interact with potential customers by showing them what happens on a day to day basis or how a products is made. The other benefit is it does not take much time to present because each clip is a maximum ten seconds. Having the ability to quickly present meaningful content in a personable way will certainly create a sustainable marketing environment.


Lastly, a fantastic avenue for marketing is Instagram. What valuable about Instagram is that many different age groups use it due to the service it provides. With Snapchat, not as many 40-50 year olds will use that. Instagram on the other hand, is the common theme is everyone is welcome and it is not difficult to use. Recently, Instagram has incorporated a story feature that is similar to the way Snapchat works. This allows you to show potential customers an insight into the business you run or the products you sell, creating a more personable environment. Combining photos and short stories, this is a very effective way to market to more people.

Final Thoughts

Marketing will always evolve and change, as it did with the radio and television, all the way to smartphone applications. Being able to adapt and adjust to the newest and most effective way to market will continue to keep your products and services competitive. Ignoring these will only hinder or even eliminate your service or product, which is business owner worst fear. Marketing where everyone already is, is simpler than reinventing the wheel; trying to create a new marketing platform to attract customers.

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