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Blog » Business Tips » Benzinga Names Due Founder and CEO as Person to Know in Fintech

Benzinga Names Due Founder and CEO as Person to Know in Fintech

Benzinga Names Due Founder and CEO as Person to Know in Fintech

The Banking Disrupted conference in September in Silicon Valley brought together a large section of the fintech community, including startup founders, established executives, and thought leaders. Benzinga selected size of these fintech industry players as their people to know.

Among them was some amazing Fintech leaders:

  • Due’s Co-Founder and CEO John Rampton
  • Christopher Vincent Hussain
  • Founder of Realkey
  • Sonny Singh, CCO of Bitpay
  • Huey Lin, COO of Affirm
  • Valeriy Galitskiy of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center
  • Luveleen Sidhu, Co-Founder of Bank Mobile

You can read the original Benzinga Names Due Founder and CEO as Person to Know in Fintech article here.

Besides staying up to date on those in Fintech, Regtech is now an emerging area to watch. You can learn more about Regtech by reading Due’s comprehensive post that describes everything about this  growing area.

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