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6 Ways AI Tools are Empowering Investors and Maximizing Returns

Posted on July 25th, 2023
AI Tools

The landscape of financial investment is constantly changing, and this has never been more true than in the modern age. With the ever-increasing sophistication of assistive technologies, investing is becoming more accessible to the average person, and the most exciting of those new technologies is artificial intelligence. Though we’re just beginning to see the capabilities of using AI as a tool for investment, the technology is burgeoning with potential applications.

The employment of AI has already begun in many business sectors, and nowhere is it more prevalent than in financial investment. Professional investment opportunities are becoming more lucrative with AI technology. This extends beyond just industry leaders, though, as personal investment has become more tangible with the help of AI. Digital assistance from artificial intelligence can be invaluable.

Here are a few ways AI can help investors maximize their investment return.

1. AI for Active Investment in Real Estate

Real estate has historically been a sound investment for anyone. From the corporate level to the individual, investing in real estate is a reliable source of income. That is, only if you know where and when to invest.

Not all investments are created equal, and knowing how to make money on your real estate, like other investments, is vital to success. You have to consider factors like risk or contemporary investments, but with real estate, there’s another laundry list of components to keep track of. Things like property value, location/surrounding area, and property management, just to name a few.

This is where artificial intelligence can help. For investors of all sizes, AI in real estate can be a valuable tool in helping to make sound decisions. According to the CEO of the real estate software firm DealMachine, David Lecko, AI is the strongest way to maximize returns.

“For those in the real estate industry, the time to work with AI is now, before you or your team get left behind,” Lecko states. “…AI will revolutionize how we buy, sell, and manage real estate. As the world continues to embrace this technology, AI promises more efficient processes, smarter decision-making, and huge opportunities for the first innovators.”

2. Use AI to Gain Insights

AI is a powerful tool for collecting mass amounts of information and deciphering it into digestible pieces. This process can grant investors access to information about a potential investment to determine its value. Numerous different factors come to play here. For one, AI can instantaneously scan backlogs of data surrounding the weight of the investment. This grants a better understanding of whether an individual investment is a good deal and where its value is trending. These insights inform investors of what and when to buy, whether it be stocks, commodities, real estate, or whatever else.

Similarly, AI works to uncover insights about the behaviors of buyers and sellers. It does this by scanning through search engine data, information about the surrounding purchases, and industry trends. This information can then be used to maximize returns by enabling a more targeted and effective investment.

Insights like these are the foundation of a sound investment strategy. AI considers the various factors surrounding any investment and guides you to a strong ROI.

3. AI in Abstract Analysis

Many different factors contribute to the strength of an investment. However, some elements can be hard to quantify and need more thorough analysis to grant understanding. More abstractions like investor sentiment, geopolitical pressures, trends of interest rates, etc., all contribute to the validity of an investment. AI processes those blocks of information into understandable points of advice for whether or not to invest.

Something as arbitrary as investor sentiment on a product or company is impossible to account for without scanning every mention or quote of your prospect online. Thankfully, AI can do just that.

Artificial intelligence serves as a tool to comb through all corners of the internet for attitudes and signals of interest that might affect investment—anything from social media posts to government press releases. AI will discern what is essential for you to know and trim the fat on what’s less pressing. This technology keeps its proverbial finger on the pulse in this sense, making sure that any waves in the water are known.

4. Calculating Risk

One of the most significant roadblocks to investment is the risk involved with spending money without a guarantee of return. Each investment carries its own risk, and it’s essential to understand those risks before letting go of your capital.

For starters, there is plenty of risk in each investment sector. AI allows investors to take a holistic view of a market’s history, trends, and potential volatility. In this sense, AI can act as a data analyst and help determine possible market correlations or corrections. This is especially helpful in minimizing your losses in more turbulent markets like stocks.

Additionally, plenty of legal risks can be particularly gruesome for individuals or smaller investment teams. It’s not feasible for the average investor to have a dedicated legal team behind them. This is where AI helps pick up the slack. While seeking legal counsel before making crucial decisions is essential, AI can steer you in the right direction.

Once again, AI’s efficiency and accuracy make it the perfect tool for the job. Artificial intelligence eliminates the room for human error in giving advice, only offering you the cold hard facts about expected investment outcomes. It will warn you with extreme urgency about a potential downturn or if your investment has a lackluster history.

5. Optimizing Your Portfolio

The portfolio is the steering wheel of investments, and ensuring a healthy one is key to keeping those investments strong. This is where all the pieces fall together, especially in the long run. It’s also where AI can be the most helpful through its data analysis and its ability to automize optimization.

Artificial intelligence employs “predictive technology,” and its applications are pertinent to its ability to manage an investment portfolio. When given permissions, it can be used to constantly balance your portfolio, maintaining the optimal level of investment. It considers the anticipated market shifts and advises changes based on your desired level of risk.

AI’s power of algorithmic trading is uniquely powerful for stock investment. By following the guidelines laid out for it through your personal preferences, AI can then use its predictive technologies to anticipate the optimal time to trade. In this sense, you maximize your value on each stock by allowing the AI to make trades instantaneously during peaks and valleys.

In addition, AI can help steer investments by outlining an investment goal and the strategy expected to reach it. It can be personalized to fit any time horizon and particular investment preferences. Whether you want to grow passive income, strike quick on hot commodities, or generate wealth for retirement, AI can help keep you on track.

By balancing cash flow in and out of the investment office, AI can also guide how to reinvest the returns to grow profits further. Knowing how to take the dividends your investments reap and make your money work for you is important. AI’s automation will also make this reinvestment a breeze with immediate turnaround. It reduces the time your money spends wasted sitting around.

6. Diversify your Investments

Diversification is critical to investment because no matter how much support you have behind a decision, there’s always a chance for unexpected pitfalls. You can feel more secure with your choices when backed by data analyzed by AI, but that’s still not impermeable. Because of this, it’s vital to allocate funds across different levels of investment, even in individual markets.

What’s especially impressive about AI’s role here is its ability to take predictive technology across markets. This capability can steer your dollar from market to market based on what’s anticipated to become profitable.

AI tools can be used to support investments in a variety of markets. Gaining insights into potentially valuable stocks, managing your portfolio, or determining an adequate risk management plan is just as important in any other investment sector.

Ultimately the most important thing to remember is to spread your capital across different markets and diversify them even within those markets. AI is a great tool to help guide those decisions and help you feel confident about your investments. The value that AI’s data analysis brings to the table cannot be overstated. The speed at which AI can cover such volume makes it the most cost-effective way to maximize returns.

AI is Changing the Landscape of Investing

With the way AI use trending upward, it seems unlikely to go away anytime soon. That’s for a good reason, too. It’s mass availability, the immediacy of response, and digestible, accurate responses make for an invaluable tool in any information-based business. Investing is no different. With so much information on potential investments, from history to market trends and analytics, it would be impossible to understand alone. AI makes that part easy, empowering anyone and everyone to invest for maximum return.

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie

Deanna Ritchie is a managing editor at Due. She has a degree in English Literature. She has written 2000+ articles on getting out of debt and mastering your finances. She has edited over 60,000 articles in her life. She has a passion for helping writers inspire others through their words. Deanna has also been an editor at Entrepreneur Magazine and ReadWrite.

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