John Rampton

CEO and Founder,

Murray Newlands

President and Co-Founder,

Getting You Paid

Its you not us

You work hard and do a great job – you want to get paid. It is easy not to track all your time or to be run late sending invoices because you are too busy working hard for your clients.

If you do not remember to invoice your time you will lose it. It is easy to get in a mess with invoices or miss one, then why are you working so hard.


“Having been freelancers for years and run agencies we know how important it is to track your time and have a great process for sending invoices – that is why we started Due – to help people like you”

“our mission is getting you paid- its that simple”

John Rampton and Murray Newlands


“I started out as so many freelancers with one client and when I need to invoice them I created a invoice in Microsoft word and sent it. My agency took off and before I knew it we (I had grown a team) had lots of clients and a mess of word documents and it was hard for me to keep track of it all. When clients asked me how much time we had spent on projects I had no really way of telling them. We started so you would not have to face the problems I faces. We have learned that being smart about your invoicing leads to faster payment, happier clients and it even reduces the risk of non payment.”



“Running your own company is hard work, we know that and we want to make it easier. We provide time tracking and online invoicing, we are also commited to helping users in as many ways as possible by providing them with everything we have learned about freelancing and growing businesses such as our freelancer guide or how to get funding”


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Miranda Marquit




What Users have to say about is an invoicing system that has been built to create invoices instantly without any fuss.

" has been used to easily keep track of their hours and then invoice clients in more than 100 countries and tax systems."

John Boitnot


"Due can can help you set up a contract and get your invoices paid quicker."

Ashley Meadows


"We like for how easy it is for users to track time from anywhere you happen to be working - from home or the local coffee shop"

Lisa Hoover



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