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Blog » Inspirational Finance Quotes » A Man Who Loves Money Is A Bastard – Stephen King

A Man Who Loves Money Is A Bastard – Stephen King

Stephen King quote

“A man who loves money is a bastard, someone to be hated. A man who can’t take care of it is a fool. You don’t hate him, but you got to pity him.” – Stephen King

Stephen King Takeaway

God pity the man who inadvertently stumbles onto more money than he could have ever dreamt of and immediately, in his unpreparedness, squanders it away. Someone who can’t take care of money may waste every opportunity he has to save.

He will never be trusted, and always pitied, but mostly, his one mistake will not be that he wasn’t good enough to have it, but that he never had a direction to take it, and never knew what its true purpose could be. And that is truly pitiable, more pitiable than if he never had money in the first place.


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