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Some people use the term ‘freelancer’ and ‘business owner’ interchangeably, and I totally understand why. While one is not better than the other, freelancers tend to be entrepreneurial have freedoms like setting their own rates, choosing clients, and deciding on when to work. However, freelancers often tend to spend more time working in their business […]

Helps you achieve a healthy work-life balance

Learning about what gives us fulfillment and energy is one of the most difficult and rewarding parts of life. Being able to decipher what is the most important in the noise and outside pressures around us — can be draining. That said, the more that you understand and love yourself, the easier it is to […]


Life is full of distraction. A business needs these four apps for your marketing and sales — just take them off your phone. If you keep these four apps for use on computers only, it makes a huge difference in your productivity. Most articles tell you what phone apps to add for productivity, but this […]

mobile invoicing

Despite the fact that electronic invoicing has been steadily growing over the last couple of years, paper invoices still dominate. Bruno Koch notes in the Billentis Report 2016 that it’s expected the 2016 volume for e-bills/e-invoices will be around 30 billion worldwide with annual growth rates of 10-20 percent. While that’s promising, it’s a shame […]

In today’s digital age of payments there have never been so many payment options for business owners. Whether it’s cash, checks, credit cards, or bitcoins, you have a plethora of options. Despite this, plastic still rules the pack. The 2016 Federal Reserve Payments Study found that credit cards account for more than two-thirds of all […]

Stay motivated

I think a lot of us underestimate the importance of balance. Without balance we’re not as successful or productive. Take an athlete. For them to perform at peak performance, they must have a routine that includes the proper exercise, nutrition, and sleep. Also, balance plays a vital role in the motivation equation. And, it may […]

freelance strategies

Now, small businesses balance their staff with freelancers. A recent study done by and the Freelancers Union found that around 57 million Americans were working as freelancers as of 2019. This makes up about 36 percent of the U.S. workforce and amounts to $1.4 trillion in earnings. The term “gig economy” has often been […]

bottom line

The new year presents new opportunities and new challenges for your business. These include how to improve your bottom line. To succeed, you should be clear about what you want to achieve by 2021. Your new year’s resolution for your business will likely include improving your bottom line. As any investor or businessperson knows, a […]

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