Business Expenses

Keeping your business afloat isn’t about maximizing revenue; it’s about maximizing profit.  Finding new customers or selling more products requires investment, but cutting costs takes only a critical eye. The problem is that there are often overlooked expenses that hold your business back. The question is, where should you look? At most companies, the following expense […]

brand it

Building your brand is an essential part of owning a business. Your brand is unique. It will set you apart from other competitors. Plus, customers tend to buy from brands they like and are familiar with. The same goes for companies who are looking for partnerships. If you don’t have a clear and established brand, it […]

Automation Will Come to Rule

In his book, Shaping the Dream, Israelmore Ayivor says, “They say ‘time is money.'” But, I want to say, ‘time makes money.’ This means time is greater than money. There’s no doubt that time has become a hot commodity in this technologically-driven world. The breakneck speed and ever-evolving nature of the business sector drives the need […]

One of the most fundamental principles for a business’s success is also one of the most neglected—especially by new entrepreneurs who are often distracted from being focused on big-picture finances. Cash flow, or the measure of the amount of money being transferred in and out of your business, can ultimately make or break your organization—regardless […]

invoice simple

In order for your business to be successful, you have to stay-on-top of your invoicing. Of course, this probably isn’t your favorite responsibility as a business owner. That’s because it can be boring and eat-up time that could be spent on something more productive. Sometimes you just plain don’t want to do invoicing. It’s like […]

exit strategy

Having enough money saved for retirement is a crucial concern for many Americans. With more people becoming self-employed, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to invest enough money for retirement. However, there are ways to catch up on retirement savings. Having enough money for retirement is a big deal. When you work for yourself, you don’t get […]

motivation map

Your good ole alarm isn’t the main reason why you jump out bed each morning. The reason is actually this thing called motivation. For some, that’s because they know they know that they have to work and get paid. Here’s the thing though. When it’s low, it’s tougher to tackle the day because of money. That’s not […]

time management

I’ll never forget the second job I ever had. Not because it was awesome or even terrible. It’s because of my boss. Sadly, no, this wasn’t a mentor or someone who showed me the ropes. This person was a micromanager and they drove me absolutely bonkers.I would be hard at work and then I’d get […]

Stay motivated

Don’t get mad at the messenger here. But life is full of stuff that you don’t want to do. Regardless if it’s at work or when off-the-clock, you just can’t escape boring projects. But, what causes boredom? “Boredom is an aversive state characterized by dissatisfaction, restlessness, and weariness,” states Andreas Elpidorou, a University of Louisville […]

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