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9 Reasons Why I Prioritize Exercise Over My Million-Dollar Company


Mental and physical health are of utmost importance to me. These can get overlooked, though, in the challenges of daily life. We have a lot going on, between work, family life, and unexpected obstacles. It can be challenging to prioritize working-out when there are constant other activities and responsibilities we feel like we have to deal with. That being said, I have found that overlooking physical exercise is a big mistake. Exercise offers countless mental and physical benefits. The benefits make it well-worth prioritizing, even during tough times. Here are nine reasons, specifically, why I often prioritize exercise over my million-dollar company:

  1. It boosts my energy.

Regardless of other activities, I’m going to commit many hours a week to my business. Between the tasks I have to do and my passion for work, the working time is a given. Therefore, I want to be doing what I can to maximize my efficiency and productivity during those working hours.

Exercising is a great way to do that. Working out releases endorphins and gets me feeling good to tackle all that is ahead. Even 30-45 minutes in the gym four times a week makes a drastic difference. I find myself able to work harder and for longer periods of time.

I only have so many hours where I can efficiently work each week, anyways. At some point, the returns to my effort decrease. When I prioritize exercise over work, it actually allows me to get more done each week.

  1. I sleep better.

When I prioritize exercise it also helps me sleep better. After a hard workout, my muscles and body want a break. By the time I reach my pillow, I am more tired than I otherwise would be. That makes my sleep deeper. I tend to fall asleep instantaneously, and I wake up more refreshed. This continues to help me tackle each day with everything I have.

  1. It makes me less anxious.

Despite the extent of the stresses around me, exercising will never cease to help. In times when more work is on my plate (which I love), sticking with a workout is a great way to alleviate the stress. It gets good juices flowing and is a great way to take a step back from everything else going on.

Working out also releases chemicals into our brain that combat stress. This means that, even chemically, exercise can help manage high levels of stress. In order to run a successful companies, navigating these stress levels is a must.

  1. Exercise helps with cognitive intelligence.

I find myself more focused after a workout. I can commit greater mental energy to the task at hand. It is said that exercise releases more oxygen into the brain which can actually improve intelligence.

We face constant fires each day, but being able to learn from them and all else happening around us is an invaluable skill for personal growth.

  1. There is improved flexibility.

I have become more flexible through my workouts. This is great for a variety of reasons. For one, I have better posture for confidence. Proper form and focusing on each muscle instead of just a handful is necessary for creating better flexibility. Once achieved this type of fitness has ongoing benefits. 

Flexibility also puts you in better tune with the way your body feels. I have a better sense of where I am tight and what I can do to relieve any knot that might need stretching (‘hey hon, I need a back-rub’).

This physical well-being and comfortability is not something many people come to recognize or appreciate in themselves. Doing so, though, is eye opening and has made my physical movements much more rich and enjoyable.

  1.  I enjoy many health benefits.

Taking care of myself is a crucial step towards doing that. One of the best ways to take care of yourself is through exercise, as it has been linked to numerous health benefits. These include lower blood pressure, a healthier weight, and more muscular strength.

Feeling healthy not only increases my odds to live longer and spend, ultimately, more time with my company, but it also makes me more confident going through each day.

  1. It gives time to reflect and decompress.

Running a company, there is limited time each day to take a step back and reflect or decompress. I have a significant amount of work, and when I am not spending time on work, then spending time with loved ones and friends are typically a benefit that rises to the top. Prioritizing exercise adds another dimension that I would likely not otherwise have.

When I work out, my mind is free to wander and think about anything it might want to explore. This gives me a chance to come to conclusions and come up with new entrepreneur ideas from everything happening around me. With such a high-stress and busy life, this time to decompress is invaluable.

  1. Exercise helps us age better.

In addition to the health benefits that come internally, exercise also helps with external aging. I want to continue working hard and leaving an impact for years to come. Physical image, unfortunately, plays a bigger role in this than you might imagine.

If you start looking older it could give others an impression that you are tired, or out-of-date, which can decrease the trust or confidence that they have in you. Later on, aging well will allow me to stay looking young and fit to continue in the roles I want to be serving in.

  1. It reminds me not to sacrifice what matters.

Running a company is stressful and intense. Exercising is a refreshing reminder to prioritize myself sometimes. There is always going to be more work that could be done at my company. I want to be doing as much of this work as possible, but only at a sustainable rate.

I love to exercise because it is a freedom to do what I want and take care of myself, despite heavy responsibilities. This is freeing and empowers me to spend more time doing what I want to in other areas of life, including my family and friends. It also creates a more sustainable process for myself.

Prioritize Exercise and Success Will Follow

I am confident that I can continue putting high energy into work because my routines are sustainable. The time away from work to do things I personally want, ultimately, leaves me more productive.

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