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7 Essential Productivity Hacks for Business Owners

Posted on December 28th, 2016
Productivity Hacks for Business Owners

Just like every other business out there, freelancing requires a lot of work. In fact, freelancing goes beyond conventional work. You get to choose when, where and how to work, and it’s this liberty that determines how long you can go in terms of being productive.

To sustain your freelancing career and avoid burnout in the long run, here are some simple productivity hacks you should use.

Get Enough Sleep

We live in a world where many cultures pat night owls on the back, as staying up late at night to get work done is usually considered a proof of determination and hard work. As a result, people tend to burn the midnight oil, at times to boost their own ego.

This is wrong.

A research by the National Institute of Health reveals that sleep deprivation affects concentration, memory and the ability to learn. It also slows down one’s thought processes and impairs decision making.

To be a successful business owner, you want to avoid these. Get at least 6 hours of sleep daily.


Set Out a Work Space

Many freelancers I know work from home. In truth, working from home isn’t a bad idea (that’s one of the joys of being a freelancer, right?), but has the downside of presenting you with lots of distractions.

Against this, you’d be better off by setting out a specific place where you’ll have your workstation and will exude an aura of seriousness. Eliminate items that might cause distractions: items like your TV and unnecessary stuff lying on the table.


Grab a Standing Desk

Standing while working incredibly boosts productivity, a study reveals. This is basically because standing is more associated with work and is healthier than sitting.

Grab a standing desk and alternate between standing and sitting while on the job,  and you’d be sure to turbocharge your productivity.


Take a Break

You’ve got to take a break during and after work.  A study revealed that brief diversions vastly improve focus as we are unable to treat a task as important after a long while of concentration. So, while working, setting out break intervals might help you get more done.

Also, after completing a job, repay yourself for the hard work. Go to the park with your kids.  Hit the gym. See a movie. Just do something you love. Taking a break relieves you of stress and stimulates your brain for more work.


Use Productivity-Enhancing Software

If you always feel distracted and get little work done despite doing all that has been stated, productivity-enhancing apps could be of help. Each of these has distinct purposes and features.

While on the job, if you’re always tempted to check your notifications on Facebook, tweet an update, check out the latest pictures and videos on Instagram, or log in to use any of your social media accounts, then you need a software that blocks these sites. Cold Turkey is a good example.

To track time and set regular break sessions, apps like my very own DueTime come in handy!

Being more productive has been scientifically proven to help you stay on-top of finances better.


Avoid Multitasking

Fine – we all want to get a lot of things going all at once. As a freelancer, there’ll be times when you’ll wish to juggle various tasks in order to fasten your pace. For example, while working, you may want to check your emails regularly to reply clients or even pitch your services.

You should however know that multitasking is anything but a great idea. By impeding focus, multitasking slows one’s ability to complete tasks. Plus, performing various tasks all at once decreases your chances of being effective in any. So you need to avoid this by simply lacing your concentration around just one task at a particular time.


Work When It’s Convenient

You may have a work schedule you follow to the T, but it’d be best if you went easy on yourself and worked when it’s most convenient for you. And by convenience, I mean when there aren’t distractions you can’t control on your own.

If you’ve got a garage to clean up and you can’t possibly focus on anything else, go clean it up before getting to work. If you’ve got a migraine, go see your doctor. Working when it’s convenient ensures you bring your A-game every time. Focus on quality as much as you’re interested in quality.


Final Thoughts

To be successful at what you do, you must remain productive in the long term. Freelancing isn’t an exception. Once you’ve achieved your dream of increasing patronage for your work, you’d wish to get more work done effectively. This article has revealed some of the ways you can go about this.

Deji Atoyebi

Deji Atoyebi

Deji Atoyebi is a freelance content writer and digital marketing consultant who specializes in growing businesses using content, copy and Google AdWords. He writes for The Huffingtonpost, Engadget and TweakYourBiz. When he isn't working, he's either reading or hacking stuff with codes.

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