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6 Innovative Guided Selling Tools for Commission-Based Teams

Updated on April 21st, 2017
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Working on commission isn’t for the faint of heart. Even if you have the guarantee of a minimum wage as a backup, it’s not much of a safety net. Fortunately, there are numerous tools at the ready for commission-hungry sales teams—it just takes knowing which are best for your team in order to thrive.

Any sales team is already short on time and doesn’t have any excess to shop around, test and try out the thousands of sales tools available.

Here are the most effective that are suitable for any budget and variety of commission-based teams:

  1. Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Guided Selling Software: Guided selling software gives commission teams the data, information, and quotes necessary in minutes to close the deal. These days, customers also have access to more data than ever. They’re likely comparison shopping even while talking to a sales team member. With quote-to-cash selling, you get the most current data and exact figures to share with your manager and/or customer based on history and accurate figures.
  2. Unboxed Advisor: Get five guided selling tools in one, including a content library, reporting help, a variety of interactive demos, help with managing your account, and of course, guided selling, which offers fast and accurate figures for commission-based sales teams. It’s all consolidated into one mobile sales-ready platform to optimize consistency and enhance the customer experience.
  3. Smart Assistant Commerce and Sales: Get advice for marketing and customer service and ensure it’s all digital with this easy advice-bot driven tool. In an era where convenience is king, you want to promise a seamless experience to your customers with zero red tape and hoop jumping. With virtual expert advice, commission-based teams can maintain control and offer sure purchasing data to their customers around the clock. It helps maximize retention as well as loyalty for a long-term customer.
  4. Lattice Engines for Predictive Marketing: Guided selling relies on quick and accurate figures in order to not just give customers information in real time, but also tap into predictive marketing for future sales and to secure loyal customers. Lattice engines help commission-based teams identify new prospects, prime sales-ready leads, and the customers most likely to buy add-ons as well as churn. Consider it your personal assistant committed solely to forward thinking, so you can focus on both the present-day sales and tomorrows.
  5. IBM Guided Selling Tool: Designed specifically for IBM users and business partners, if your company is IBM-loyal and your sales team is familiar with the brand, this might be a suitable tool for you. Immediately calculate configurations and software for customers in seconds, but keep in mind that this particular offering doesn’t state that it “plays nicely” (integrates) with your preferred software. If you’re not exclusively an IBM company, you’ll need to dig deeper to ensure this guided software tool aligns with your current software.
  6. Autodesk Configure One: Give your team the power to configure a quote-to-cash product in seconds with this powerful tool. Even the most complex of items can be manipulated and calculated to give sales teams, managers and customers the best possible price. It increases loyalty and makes every sales member look knowledgeable and like an expert in the industry. That’s the kind of reputation you need to build to become an industry success, and it’s becoming nearly impossible with steep competition. The right guided selling software is a must.

If you have a growing sales team, have heard complaints that it takes too long to configure a quote, or if you’re growing your inventory at a rapid clip, consider guided selling software sooner rather than later. It’s much easier to get on the guided selling bandwagon early in a growth spurt, but know that at any stage, a high quality guided selling software can integrate beautifully into your approach.

Peter Daisyme

Peter Daisyme

Peter Daisyme is the co-founder of Palo Alto, California-based Hostt, specializing in helping businesses with hosting their website for free, for life. Previously he was the co-founder of Pixloo, a company that helped people sell their homes online, that was acquired in 2012.

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